ISIS has Enough Radioactive Material to Build ‘Dirty Bomb’

It’s not exactly rocket science, but ISIS could have captured enough radioactive material to build its first “dirty bomb,” according to Australian intelligence.

It’s also no secret that ISIS has plans to try to acquire as many weapons of mass destruction as possible. They said so in their magazine. (Ain’t 21st century terrorism grand?)

NATO has also expressed worries about ISIS’s capture of hospitals and research centers where radioactive materials are stored.

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Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop said the concern about ISIS and radioactive materials was “really worrying” top officials who recently called an urgent meeting of the Australia Group, a 40-nation organization devoted to preventing the spread of WMDs.

A dirty bomb is not the same as a full nuclear device. The explosive does not achieve fission and is not at first as destructive as a nuke.

But a dirty bomb can spread nuclear materials over a wide area, effectively poisoning people far beyond the initial blast radius. At least, that’s the theory.

ISIS obviously has the capability of building some large and dangerous bombs. All they have to do is pack one with the captured nuclear material.

Bishop said in an interview with The Australian that the information about ISIS comes from Australian intelligence agencies.

When the army of ISIS swept across parts of Iraq and Syria, “the insurgents did not just clear out the cash from local bank,” she said, but gathered numerous materials for building future weapons, including chlorine for gas bombs.

Military officials are expecting a wave of ISIS activity to mark Ramadan and the anniversary of its declaration of a Caliphate.

Earlier this week, President Obama said the United States, which has been dropping bombs on ISIS for some time now, still doesn’t have a “complete strategy” for stopping ISIS.

Sen. John McCain woke up long enough to criticize Obama for that one, saying, “One can wonder, one has to wonder, whether this President just wants to wait out the next year and a half and basically do nothing to stop this genocide, bloodletting, horrible things that are happening throughout the Middle East.”

Seems pretty clear that’s what the real strategy is. Many of us critics have said from the first day Obama announced that he would approve limited bombing of ISIS but no “boots on the ground” that he wasn’t serious about stopping the growing terrorist state.

So the real White House strategy is proceeding as planned, and the world is increasingly in danger because American voters twice elected a man whose Muslim sympathies, and little else about his past, are well known.

Sadly, this one’s on us.

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