Is ISIS Spreading Ebola?

Iraq’s Health Committee has reported that ISIS, the Islamic caliphate that is spreading its terror across that country and into Syria, has burned at least five bodies of jihadis who are believed to have contracted ebola.

As justice goes, it’s not unpoetic.

If true, it’s certainly fitting that an organization that has thrived through mass bloodshed should start to find members inflicted with a horrendous disease that is characterized by patients bleeding out through their eyes and ears.

Health Committee spokesman Faisal Ghazi told a Kurdish newspaper, “The Islamic State organization incinerated five militants infected with ebola to prevent further spread of the disease in Mosul (Iraq). “… ISIS had proof that these militants were infected with ebola.”

World Health Organization officials said they have not received official confirmation from the Iraqi government that the cases were ebola.

According to various Iraqi and Kurdish news sources, the disease was first seen in a hospital in Mosul. Iraqi government spokesman Ahmed Rudaini told Al-Maalomah News that the hospital in Mosul is not likely to have the equipment necessary to verify a case of ebola.

The five patients, however, reportedly had symptoms that matched ebola.

Scratch five deadly jerks from the human population at least.

A bigger fear than a bunch of monsters from ISIS getting sick is that the organization, whose members like to rape, torture and cut their victims for the greater glory of Allah, might inadvertently spread ebola (or other deadly viruses) to an innocent civilian population.

Of course, there would be significantly less danger of that happening if President Obama had sent U.S. ground troops into Iraq to vanquish ISIS, or even better had never abandoned Iraq to terrorists in the first place.

Instead of lifting a finger to help Iraq, our intrepid leader allows ISIS to run free, and he sends military personnel into hot zones in Africa to “fight” the spread of ebola.

Frankly, it’s a miracle this disease and ISIS haven’t gone global yet.

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