ISIS Using Syrian Refugees to Gain Access to Other Countries

I’ve been watching the myriad of news reports covering the millions of refugees fleeing war torn Syria. The media portrays all of the refugees as ordinary people seeking a safe place to live and raise their families. They’ve plucked our heart strings with the image of the four year old boy that drowned after the boat carrying his dad and other refugees had capsized.

But no one in the media has been talking about who the refugees really are. I’ve seen many reports where reporters are talking to young male refugees. They all tell the same story that their families are still in Syria and that they hoped find a new home and send for them. The story is so commonplace that it almost seems that they are all reading from the same script.

Ask yourself why if so many other families where able to leave together then why are these men not bringing their families with them? Who are these men, really?

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ISIS has been threatening to take their reign of terror to Europe and the United States. How better to do this than to hide among the flood of refugees and play the part of a fleeing innocent? No one seems to be checking the backgrounds of any of the refugees so it would be very easy for ISIS members to hide among them, gaining easy access to other countries. ISIS and other Islamic terrorists often hide among civilian populations and use them as shields to prevent being attacked by their enemies.

A number of reports also indicate that ISIS is taking in up to $1 million a day through various enterprises. What’s to stop them from funneling some of that money to their members who pose as refugees, once they get to their intended destinations?

Barack Obama has talked about allowing up to 6 million Syrian refugees to come to America, no questions asked. You can bet that ISIS would jump at the chance to send members posing as refugees to the US. With Obama’s lax immigration policies and affinity for helping Muslims extremists, you know that he would not have the refugees screened before admitting them to the US. Once here they would begin to carry out the attacks on the US, most likely killing scores of innocent Americans in the process.

My heart goes out to the millions of true refugees who feel their only hope is to flee their homes but the danger of ISIS members hiding among them is great and precautions should be taken before allowing anyone to seek sanctuary in other countries, including our own. The threat is too great to ignore, but that’s exactly what Obama is prepared to do, ignore the danger and place all of us at risk.

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