Islam is State Religion of Ohio Prison System

Muslim prisoners jailed in Ohio prisons began complaining about the food and demanding that they be fed meals that were ‘halal’ meals per Sharia law.  To quell the fervor and prevent a threatened lawsuit from being filed, Gary Mohr, Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction ordered all prison kitchens to stop using pork and to make the meals Islam friendly.

The Muslim diet didn’t set well with a number of non-Muslim inmates.  One of those inmates was James Rivers who filed a lawsuit against Mohr and Ohio prison system for forcing all inmates to eat halal Muslim meals.

United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio Judge James S Guin dismissed Rivers’ case.  In his decision to throw out the case, Guin wrote,

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“Plaintiff asserts that this…violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, subjects him to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eight Amendment, denies him substantive and procedural due process, and denies him Equal Protection.”

“While the removal of pork from prison meals may benefit Muslim as well as Jewish inmates, it also creates a meal that can be eaten by all inmates regardless of faith.”

“[Nor would] a reasonable person … conclude that the menu change endorsed the Muslim faith. The choice is neutral to religion. Several faiths prohibit the consumption of pork…”

“Plaintiff has not alleged any facts or cited any law which suggest he has a constitutionally protected interest in eating pork as part of his prison diet…”

“Plaintiff’s substantive due process claim is based on conduct alleged to be so severe that it shocks the conscience…To the contrary, Plaintiff objects to being treated the same as all other inmates. He does not allege he was denied pork while all other inmates were served this dish. Instead, he complains that all inmates are treated the same, regardless of whether they have a religious dietary restriction of this nature.”

One person who has been following this case closely is former Navy chaplain Dr Gordon James Klingenschmitt, director of The Pray in Jesus Name Project summed up the Judge Guin’s dismissal ruling,

“In other words, because the prison enforces Muslim Sharia law equally upon all prisoners, none of them face discrimination–they are all treated as Muslims equally, and forced to eat Muslim food equally, so Christians have no dietary rights.”

Every day or two, I see another example of Islam and Sharia law creeping into the American judicial and governmental systems while Christianity is being pushed out and ruled against time and time again.  Mark my words, if Barack Hussein Obama is elected to a second term, the thirteen stars on the US flag will be replaced by a star and crescent.

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