Islamic Terrorist to be Buried in Arlington National Cemetery? NO!

Whenever you hear mention of Arlington National Cemetery, you instantly think of the thousands of honorable men and women who fought and served our nation.  You also may think of Presidents William Howard Taft and John Fitzgerald Kennedy who are also buried there.  Then there is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the military guard that constantly keeps vigil at the site.

Arlington National Cemetery is a place of honor and respect for those who served our country.  Not everyone can be buried at Arlington.  According to their website:

Our Mission”

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“On behalf of the American people, lay to rest those who have served our nation with dignity and honor, treating their families with respect and compassion, and connecting guests to the rich tapestry of the cemetery’s living history, while maintaining these hallowed grounds befitting the sacrifice of all those who rest here in quiet repose.”

“Our Vision”

“America’s premier military cemetery – A national shrine – A living history of freedom – Where dignity and honor rest in solemn repose.”

If one woman gets her way, everything that Arlington National Cemetery stands for will be defiled and the honor of being there will be degraded beyond comprehension.  Julie Frein of Maryland served two years in the U.S. Air Force and therefore qualifies to be buried at Arlington along with her husband who also served.

For some reason, this woman has been brought to tears at the thought of Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body rotting above ground because no cemetery will take him.  She says she’s tired of the hatred and killing and wants to transfer her right of burial at Arlington to Tsarnaev and she will be buried with her husband in his grave.

Once Frein’s offer went public, veterans across the nation became outraged.  Many of them started contacting Arlington National Cemetery with their anger and demands that the terrorist not be buried at the hallowed cemetery.  I join them in that outrage and believe it would undermine everything Arlington stands for.

If your ire was raised with this news, you will be happy to hear that on Arlington’s Facebook page, they posted the following statement:

“We have been receiving calls about the interview a veteran did regarding giving up her space at a veteran cemetery to the Boston Bombing suspect so he can be buried. We want to make it clear that this suspect is not eligible to be buried at Arlington — a veteran can’t transfer their eligibility to another person. Please pass this along to those who are concerned!”

I am so pleased to see this and was the 4,000th person that ‘Liked’ the post.

With all of the local cemeteries in the Boston area refusing to bury Tamerlan Tsarnaev, I am curious where and how you think he should be buried?  Someone reminded me that as a Christian I am to love my enemies.  That is true, but it does not say I have to respect them or honor them for their evil deeds.

One of my first thoughts was on a pig farm since Muslims believe that any contact with pigs or pig products defiles them and they cannot go to heaven.  I also thought of floating his body out to sea with one of the bombs recovered from his apartment and when far enough from shore, explode the bomb, sending parts of him in every direction, turning him into fish food.

What would you do with the body of this Islamic terrorist?

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