Islamist Influence Behind Pamela Geller’s CPAC Lockout?

Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual conservative confab that brings together a diverse slate of speakers on topics that span the range from economics to political and social issues, may be taking a less-than-subtle turn to the left.

For the past few years, one of the big draws has been Pamela Geller’s seminars on the threat posed by Islam’s slow intrusion into American society. Geller might be best known for leading the ultimately unsuccessful fight to stop the Cordoba victory mosque from being built at Ground Zero.

Geller, who operates the Atlas Shrugs website, pulls no punches, which is a big part of the reason for her popularity. It’s also the reason she’s acquired a list of enemies who would go to great lengths to shut her up and keep her message out of public venues.

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The last time I got to meet her, she was touring Southern California promoting a film about the Ground Zero mosque and what the growth of Islam will mean for American freedoms. Since then, I’ve watched via the media as many of her predictions have come true in Dearborn, Michigan, and other U.S. cities.

One thing she has emphasized in her talks is the way radical Islam slowly infiltrates in areas its leaders want to take over. It’s a school board here, a business there, buying an apartment complex, getting appointed to planning committees, joining police commissions, slowly working up the ladder until many of the people with real power are Muslims committed to the idea of implementing Sharia.

CPAC was one of those events that most people probably assumed was safe, but ironically, or perhaps inevitably, Geller is being locked out of this year’s CPAC. Geller lays the blame in the lap of no less a conservative luminary than Grover Norquist.

Norquist’s rocket has been rising for years, but American Thinker and other conservative news sites have linked his group, Americans for Tax Reform, to the Campaign for a New American Policy for Iran, which some critics blame for influencing the Obama Administration’s do-nothing attitude toward Iran’s development of nuclear capability.

Geller also links Norquist with Suhail Khan, a former Bush political appointee and Senior Fellow for Muslim-Christian Understanding at the Institute for Global Engagement. A product of UC Berkeley (of course), Khan has been accused by critics of links to al-Qaida financier Abdulrahman Alamudi and other radical Islamists. A self-described “Reagan conservative,” Khan is on the board of CPAC.

Here’s what Geller had to say about being locked out of CPAC:

“The Grover Norquist/Suhail Khan cabal refuse to address jihad, sharia, the war on freedom in the West.

“… Last year, Suhail Khan bragged out loud that he (and his other operatives) had successfully kept Robert Spencer and me from being invited to speak. He went so far as to warn people not to attend our events or read our books.

“In several articles I took on Grover Norquist and his powerful influence over CPAC. … As soon as I published my Newsmax column concerning his perfidious influence at CPAC, my Newsmax column was taken down and my name and picture were removed from the Newsmax page. … It was two slots away from Grover’s. My weekly column never appeared at Newsmax again. It was axed.”

Many of the actions of the Obama Administration over the past four years have persuaded observers that there has been infiltration by members of the Muslim Brotherhood in highly placed offices, not the least being the top aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and even top advisers to President Obama.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann and a group of other Republicans who sought answers about Islamist infiltration of the government were roundly criticized by the media, Democrats and even some senior Republicans, such as Sen. John McCain.

Considering all the information surrounding the exclusion of Geller from CPAC, and considering CPAC’s influence in conservative circles, the question must be asked, has the Muslim Brotherhood gotten a toe-hold in the GOP? And if so, how firmly entrenched is the Islamist group?

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