Islamists Steal Jetliners as 9/11 Anniversary Nears

More unplanned consequences from President Obama’s Mideast foreign policy: Libyan Islamist groups, in seizing control of Tripoli and its airport, have made 11 jetliners disappear.

I say “unplanned” as opposed to “unintended,” because Obama’s Mideast policies clearly are geared to hand over as much power to Islamist terror groups as possible. The exact sort of chaos produced is probably a surprise at the Obama White House, but you can hardly say it’s unintentional.

Intelligence officials have alerted agencies throughout the government that terrorists are likely planning attacks using the jetliners on or around the 13th anniversary of 9/11, the second anniversary of Benghazi.

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“There are a number of commercial airliners in Libya that are missing,” said one intelligence official quoted in the Washington Free Beacon. “We found out on September 11 what can happen with hijacked planes.”

On the record, the State Department is denying that it knows anything about stolen aircraft. But then, it also denies knowing about ISIS units operating in Mexico near the border, despite the Border Patrol and military and law enforcement units near the border being put on alert.

This White House has a lot to lose by admitting the truth about anything going on in the Middle East or Africa these days, as the steady spread of ISIS and other al-Qaida-linked Islamist groups can be directly connected to Obama’s policies in the region, first in promoting and materially supporting the so-called Arab Spring uprisings, then by funneling weapons, money and personnel to the “rebels” in Syria, and finally by evacuating U.S. troops from Iraq, leaving the country ripe for the picking by ISIS.

It’s not just opinion polls at stake, although Obama is certainly dragging down his party’s incumbents as they face re-election this year.

But at this point, Obama is in so deep at the center of all the global chaos being caused by Islamists around the globe that it is difficult to argue that he is not criminally culpable. At best, he is negligent of his presidential duties, and it can be fairly argued that his behavior amounts to treason because he has given material aid and comfort to this country’s enemies in the form of ISIS, al-Qaida and the broad umbrella group, the Muslim Brotherhood.

He has also set in place policies that effectively nullify our border as any sort of defensible position, and it is widely believed that members of ISIS and other Islamist groups, along with the usual assortment of violent drug cartel types, have walked unimpeded into our country. Some of them may even have been escorted to safe havens by government agents as the Administration has been sending capture illegal border crossers deep into the American interior.

If that’s not all planned, then it would represent a phenomenal level of stupidity beyond anything previously thought possible by rational people — a veritable black hole that destroys all intelligent thought that has the misfortune to cross its event horizon.

It doesn’t seem possible, but then not so many years ago it didn’t seem possible that America would elect a dedicated Marxist who would favor Islamic over American ideals and set about tearing apart the country.

Yet, here we are.

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