Israel: Do They Have the Right to Take Action Against Iran?

There has been a great deal of discussion in the news lately about whether or not Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities or not.  Everyone seems preoccupied with the question of what will the United States do if Israel does take action against Iran.  Will we get involved or condemn their actions.

But I wonder how many Americans really understand what Israel is facing, so let me try to help with this analogy.

What would you do if you had another family that had been threatening to wipe you and your family off the face of the earth?  Then you learn that they have a factory with the sole purpose of creating weapons of mass destruction to be used on you and your family.  You go to the authorities and all they do is file a restraining order against the other family and tell them to leave you alone.  You know that they will not honor the restraining order and will someday soon use those weapons to attack you.

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What do you do?  If you just watch and wait for them to actually attack, you know it could be too late as their weapons will devastate you and your family.  If you attack first to destroy their weapons factory you know the world will condemn you for your actions and will accuse you of being the aggressor.

This is basically what Israel is facing with Iran and as you can see, they find themselves with a very difficult decision to make.

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu did his best to get US President Barack Obama to understand what they were really facing.  It must have been frustrating for Netanyahu with him knowing that Obama has been much less friendly to Israel than any other US president.

To help get the point across, Netanyahu presented Obama with a copy of the Old Testament Book of Esther.  As he handed the book to Obama, Netanyahu said,

“Even back then they wanted to wipe us out.”

In the book of Esther, there were those in the kingdom that wanted to annihilate all of the Jews.  They plotted and almost succeeded if it had not been for Esther and her courage to stand up for her people.  For those of you that are not familiar with Esther, I strongly urge you to pick up a Bible and read it.

So the question facing Israel and Netanyahu are the same as the family situation mentioned above.  Even from the time of Esther, Arabs have vowed to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth.

Iran is the most dangerous threat to Israel.  They have been boasting about destroying Israel and suggesting that they may use the nuclear weapons they’ve been developing to accomplish that task.  If Iran keeps their promise to attack Israel with a nuclear weapon, the devastation would be great.

So what does Israel do?

Do they continue to wait and hope that Iran backs down under the burden of the sanctions that have been placed upon them?  Keep in mind that Iran has thumbed their nose at the sanctions and the rest of world.  They even kicked out the nuclear weapons inspectors that were sent by the international community.

Or do they take preventative measures and destroy the nuclear weapons facilities and face the wrath of the world?

What would you do?

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