It’s a Mixed Bag at Best With Pope Francis

“Flee the temptation of narcissism,” Pope Francis said yesterday during his first U.S. visit.

Now if he had directed those words to President Obama I would have said he hit a home run.

But instead he directed them to a group of bishops he gently admonished to not be shy about welcoming immigrants, whom he called “pilgrims,”  in the church. That includes, one assumes, the illegal kind that have invaded our country by the millions.

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He did, however, go and visit the Little Sisters of the Poor, the nuns who are suing over Obamacare’s requirement that they offer insurance coverage to employees for contraceptives and abortion. That was a nice show of support and a little “in yer face” to the Obama Administration.

He also lectured the White House about religious freedom, saying, “As my brothers, the United States bishops, have reminded us, all are called to be vigilant, precisely as good citizens, to preserve and defend that freedom from everything that would threaten or compromise it.”

It was enough to send the Administration into a spin cycle, insisting that Obama, the milquetoast who moaned about the “bitter clingers” standing in his way with their guns and Bibles, is all about religious freedom.

And while he hasn’t commented on those Planned Parenthood videos, Francis seems to be focusing on a pro-life, pro-family message, saying it is Catholics’ duty to protect “innocent victims of abortion.” It should make for some interesting conversation if he runs into Nancy Pelosi.

But for every cheer Francis has earned on this trip, he has earned a few raspberries as well. Not only is there the matter of his tone deafness to the Southern invasion of illegal aliens our country is suffering from, there are also those crypto-Marxist, neo-Keynesian economic fantasies he doles out from time to time.

The worst though is when the pope starts talking about global warming and giving a thumbs-up to President Obama’s plans for government-sponsored eco-terrorism.

So there’s Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, being all regal and wise, and he suddenly starts hawking the biggest pseudoscientific scam ever invented. It’s like he’s on late-night TV, selling infomercial juicers or something.

No need to flip the channel. The pope himself is broadcasting on all frequencies.



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