It’s Legacy Time for Obama

The two issues that are shaping up as President Obama’s last major actions in office will likely completely cut out Congress, giving America’s once-vaunted Constitution a final kick in the pants.

Assuming that his jokey talk about a third term was just that — a joke — then Syria and global warming seem like they will shape the end of Obama’s Administration.

And in true self-anointed imperial style, Obama will write, sign and execute all the orders himself.

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On global warming, Obama’s speech Monday at the United Nations got a booster shot from China, which has finally realized it can make tons of money by joining in the cap-and-trade fraud game.

The big event, though, will be later this year in Paris, where world leaders will salivate over the prospect of screwing their people harder than ever and being treated like saints by the liberal media. After all, they’ll be doing it to save the planet, which is set to blow like Krypton at any moment.

The lone major holdout after China jumped on the climate change train is Russia, which interestingly has become Obama’s partner — or master, some would say — on the issue of fighting ISIS.

It’s in the last act that the plot is fully revealed, and thus it is with Obama’s and Putin’s plan to work together on destroying ISIS, whose existence after all would not have been possible without Obama in the first place.

For those who haven’t been following along for the past six and a half years, it was Obama’s fomenting of revolutions in the Muslim world that led to the so-called Arab Spring, destabilizing Libya, Egypt, Syria and other countries as hard-core Islamists attempted and sometimes succeeded in seizing power from established, previously friendly countries.

And it was all apparently for no better reason than that Obama wanted to wrap his own fingers around the Middle East’s throat.

I’ve always suspected that Obama originally had aspirations of making himself some sort of caliph after leaving the White House, but his plans were so poorly executed and his spine so brittle that he just couldn’t pull it off, such as when he attempted to start a war against Syria under the pretense of Assad using poison gas on his own people, but no one could be found who was willing to follow him into battle.

The other foreign policy move that has always raised a question in my mind is the removal of our troops from Iraq. With the Obama Administration employing al-Qaida-connected mercenaries in Libya to smuggle arms through Turkey into Syria and the waiting arms of other al-Qaida-linked mercenaries such as the al-Nusra Front, withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq was bound to cause a disaster that anyone with an ounce of sense could see coming.

So why do it? Just to appease his left-wing extremist voting base? I don’t think Obama gives a fig about his base, so long as they show up to the polls.

But there is a specter raised by this deal with Putin, in which the Russian strongman will basically clean up Obama’s mess, no doubt in return for some embarrassing concessions to be named as Obama heads out the door.

Obama has always had a strange and strained relationship with Putin, starting with that red “restart” button and going through that open-mike slip about having more flexibility to do Putin’s bidding after the re-election.

So here’s a thought, and it’s just a thought put on the table for your consideration. What if Putin was behind Obama’s foreign policy all along?

Putin’s moved Russian forces into Ukraine, and now he’s moving them into Syria, a country that guarantees Russia important port access. What if the chaos and misjudgment of Obama’s foreign policy — from the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise in Egypt, Benghazi, the nuclear agreement with Iran, the troop withdrawal from Iraq, even the rise of ISIS — was all due to someone else calling the shots, using world events to finally provide a publicly acceptable excuse for Russia to move more deeply into the Middle East to seize control of the oil the world depends on?

That Obama is a puppet cannot be denied. Some of the puppet masters are known. Soros and Jarrett are the most public. But the identity of any others is an open question.

Putin’s ambitions of cutting the United States down to size are also undeniable. Russia and China have gone so far as to make moves to replace the dollar as the world’s international currency of choice — plans that have temporarily been set back by China’s recent market troubles.

Whatever else you may think of the Iraq War — justified or “illegal” — having a strong American presence there not only called out al-Qaida to fight on neutral territory and supplanted a dictator who was a thorn in the side of three American presidents, it also served as a huge roadblock should any major power, say Russia, were to have military designs on the region. By pulling out, Obama made sure the road was cleared.

The U.S. effort against ISIS has shown Obama to be so transparently weak and disinterested, it can easily be seen as a simple delaying tactic until Putin could move and have world opinion with him.

It could also put Obama’s penchant for trampling the Constitution and ignoring Congress in a clearer light.


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