It’s Not Just Hispanics Illegally Crossing Our Borders

Whenever most people talk about illegal immigration, they are usually referring to people of Hispanic origins from Central and South America.  And for the large majority of cases that is true.  Having lived in Arizona for 36 years, I can testify that thousands of illegals are of Hispanic ethnicity.

In a recent report from Newsmax, they claim that between October 1, 2010 thru September 30, 2011 that the U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection division of the Department of Homeland Security arrested 327,577 aliens illegally entering the U.S. JUST along the U.S. – Mexican border and another 6,552 illegals along U.S. coastlines.  Interestingly, there seems to be no report on activity along the several thousand miles of the U.S. – Canada border.

Of the illegals captured along the Mexican border, 46,997 were listed as ‘other than Mexican’.  Among the ‘other than Mexican’ were people from countries listed as ‘special interest countries’ such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Somalia, Tunisia, Syria, Uzbekistan, Jordan and Indonesia.  Looking at the countries of origin, I think it’s safe to assume that many of them were Muslim, making me wonder how many may have terrorist ties.

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I do know that in Arizona, they have found Muslim prayer rugs and copies of the Quran in the southern desert just north of the border.  If they’ve been found in Arizona, you can pretty much figure that they’ve also been found in California, New Mexico and Texas.  And from the reports I’ve read out of various Arizona county sheriffs’ departments, there are a lot more that get away than the number caught.

Not only are there illegal Muslims entering the U.S., but is anyone watching the U.S. – Canadian border?  There are 5,525 miles of border we share with Canada, and that includes 1,538 miles that borders Alaska.  Over the past few years, it seems that everyone is focusing on the southern border and the coasts, but very little is mentioned about the miles of the northern border.

If I were a terrorist, I would probably try to enter the U.S. from Canada.  I know that there are miles of ranches and farms that lie along the border and it would probably be much easier to cross there than along the Mexican border.

With immigration being a hot topic on the campaign trail right now, I’ll add my two cents to the fray and tell you what I would do if I were president.  To allow illegals to stay in America is an offense to all those who have spent years and thousands of dollars entering the United States legally.  I would use US troops to man and patrol both the Canadian and Mexican borders.  Instead of using our troops to save the world, I would use them to save America and shut down all avenues of illegal entry.

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