It’s Only Lawbreaking If You Go Against Liberals

County Clerk Kim Davis sits in jail in Kentucky for refusing to issue homosexual marriage licenses, even though it’s against her religious convictions.

In Marion County, Oregon, Judge Vance Day is being “investigated” because he refuses to wed homosexual couples, citing his religious convictions.

In Colorado, an appeals court ruled against a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple, citing his religious convictions.

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In all of the above cases, the people feeling the heat of government have been accused by the angry Left of being lawbreakers, among other things, because of their religiously based opposition to sodomy-based marriage.

There are two obvious problems with that.

One, the First Amendment protects the free exercise of religion, which right the people in the aforementioned cases were invoking.

Two, the entire homosexual marriage movement was kick started in 2004 by a government official who decided to break the law.

San Francisco’s then-Mayor Gavin Newsom decided all on his lonesome that the legal fight over gay marriage in the courts wasn’t going the way he wanted, so he took it upon himself to personally start issuing homosexual marriage licenses.

The voters of California had already decisively voted against a ballot proposition that would have legalized homosexual marriage, and that was being challenged in the court system.

So Newsom was not only circumventing the legal process and thus the rights of the state’s voters, but he was also breaking the law in that the Mayor’s Office was not legally authorized to issue wedding licenses of any sort.

As you can imagine, this garnered the showboating Newsom the attention he craved, and it also royally screwed the state of California because by the time the courts could hear the case before it, there were already numerous semi-legal “marriages” that had been performed and now had to be handled in the decision.

Newsom’s infamous response when questioned on live television about his illegal actions in allowing homosexuals to marry under his authority was, “It’s going to happen — whether you like it or not.”

It wasn’t just defiance, it was, sadly, a skillful, disrespectful, condescending manipulation of public and media opinion that succeeded brilliantly.

Eleven years later, here we are.

The liberals of California have rewarded Newsom with the state’s lieutenant governorship, and he’ll probably inflict himself on the national scene before much longer, either as governor or whenever Sens. Boxer or Feinstein retire.

The hypocrites and homosexuals on the Left hail the lawbreaking Newsom as a hero. Meanwhile, Kim Davis sits in jail, vilified as a lawbreaker by the same people who think Newsom walks on water.

Both acted out of their personal beliefs, which is to say their religious convictions that are protected under the Constitution. Both defied the government, something that is, by the way, condoned by implication in the Declaration of Independence (“… it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government …”).

So what’s the difference?

Obviously, Newsom went along with the will of the mob, while Davis stood up for tradition, defying the mob.

The Left is all about mob rule. Anyone who hasn’t picked up on that from the Black Lives Matter or Occupy movements need only look at the treatment of restaurant chain Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A’s charitable foundation has given money to traditional family groups and other organizations the LGBTQBLTLMAO crowd deem threatening to their cause. So it was already on the hit list when its chief operating officer a few years ago gave an interview in which he expressed his personal opposition to gay marriage, citing his religious convictions.

The Left tried to shut down the restaurants with protests but failed when there was a huge backlash from conservatives and libertarians supporting the chain.

So when that didn’t work, assorted leftist politicians stepped in and either tried to ban or threatened to ban the restaurant in cities like Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. Recently, the Denver City Council has tried to block a new restaurant from opening at the airport.

The company itself has no policies against homosexuals, either as customers or employees. It’s just the personal opinion of one of the owners that stirred up the hornet’s nest.

It’s been remarked upon before, but the homosexual movement as a whole seems to have a deep-seated neurotic compulsion to force everyone to agree with its point of view.

That’s not going to happen, which is why the homosexual rights activists are getting more and more demanding, pushy and destructive of individuals’ actual rights such as freedom of religion.

It’s been claimed in the cases of Davis and the baker that both are “free to worship and practice their religion.”

So the bars and the fines and the ruined lives are just optical illusions.

This homosexual marriage movement doesn’t care who it hurts, so long as it gets its way.

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