It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

I don’t know what planet some people live on, but there are still liberals out there who think everything’s been going fine for the past four years in this country and President Obama’s doing a great job.

Do all of these people just live in their parents’ basements rent free?

Last I checked, just about everything has gone up in price over the past four years, while the number of jobs and the salaries of those who are working have shrunk.

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There are plenty of reasons to vote against Obama this time around, even if you are one of those who didn’t see any in 2008.

Pick any of a dozen scandals, including at least two with dead American agents, and you’re sure to find something not to like. Even if you think Fast and Furious is nothing, there’s the matter of Libya and Obama’s failed foreign policy.

Considering the weight liberals in 2008 were putting on what other countries think of us, Obama should rank as one of the greatest disasters even in liberals’ record books. Recent polls have found that respect for the United States is down in the past four years in every country in the world except for a few like Japan and Turkey.

The excuses and make-believe necessary to maintain the fiction that Obama has done a good job as president are just extraordinary. For frequent examples, just try watching Chris Matthews when he starts ranting about conservatives being paranoid about Obama’s record, but then he launches into one of his frequent tirades about how racist white conservatives are.

Just this week, Matthews declared racism “a sickness by the white people” because white people have used words like “monkeying” to describe Obama’s manipulations of government unemployment figures. I would agree with Matthews that there’s a sickness involved here, but I think it doesn’t target whites so much as it targets liberals in general.

As we close in on the election, however, the focus has to be on the economy. If the next president doesn’t fix that, the rest of the issues won’t mean much. If American economic strength continues to dissipate, there won’t be any way to renew our military strength or regain our position of leadership in the world.

Even liberals who don’t understand the dangers of socialism should be able to admit that the last four years have not been good for the economy. It’s glaringly obvious.

The question, then, is can Obama’s followers remove their blinders long enough to see what’s happening here on planet Earth, and can they remove the bits from their mouths long enough to do the right thing and vote for a new commander in chief?

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