It’s the Wheat, Stupid

America is fat mainly because we follow the USDA’s food guide pyramid. So-called food experts suggest that the majority of our diet be comprised of grains. They want us to eat mostly breads, cereals, and pasta and use fats and oils sparingly. As it turns out, this is the perfect recipe for obesity.

It’s ok though, because we have drug companies well invested in medical schools in universities that train doctors to believe that every illness is actually some kind of pharmaceutical drug deficiency. If you’re fat, they’ve got a drug for that. If you’ve got diabetes, they’ve got lots of drugs for that. If you’ve got other diseases or conditions brought on by obesity, the drug companies will be there to take care of you. All you have to do is take their drugs and never stop taking them.

Remember how the drug companies and “experts” got on to Drew Carey when he changed his diet and threw out his diabetes drugs? They had a fit and told him it would be dangerous to stop taking their drugs. I’m glad he didn’t listen, because now in addition to being much thinner, he’s no longer diabetic. He changed his diet, got off the drugs, and now he’s much healthier.

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It’s no wonder Big Pharma didn’t want him doing this. He’s a celebrity. What if every other obese person or potential diabetic/customer gets this idea? What if people stop looking to drugs for answers and start looking to a healthful diet? Drug companies would lose customers, lose money and lose power and influence over medical schools and governments. Then, how will they hire lobbyists to buy off politicians? How will they exert influence over the medical field by convincing everyone that drug therapy is the answer, not nutritional therapy?

It turns out that it might be more than just grains in general, though. According to Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, we don’t even eat “real wheat” these days because the plant that we refer to as “wheat” is actually a product of genetic research from the 1960s and 1970s. He’s not talking about genetic modification, but rather hybridization. On his blog, he expounded:

By definition, hybridization, backcrossing, and mutation-inducing techniques are difficult to control, unpredictable, and generate plenty of unexpected results. In short, they are worse than genetic-modification.

What we have today is a plant, which as a result of genetic altering, includes a dangerous protein called gliadin. Dr. Davis explains that gliadin is an opiate that attaches itself to the opiate receptors in the brain and stimulates appetite. This results in our overeating on average 440 calories a day, everyday of the year. This is one reason that people lose a substantial amount of weight when they “cut out the carbs.”

So why do we have this type of “wheat?” What’s wrong the wheat our parents and grandparents ate? The real wheat is not as “economically feasible” as Dr. Davis puts it. The genetically altered wheat yields 10 times as much product per acre than the old stuff. There’s no way that an agribusiness today would revert to the old wheat. They’d lose too much money, and they’re under the control of our government, which pays them in subsidies based on production.

So, it’s not just about grains. It’s that 90% of the grains we consume are wheat, and this plant is making us fat.

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