It’s Time to Arm American Citizens

Once again America is horrified by another mass shooting. This time it took place in San Bernardino, California where a Muslim husband and wife shot and killed 14 and wounded a number of others. And once again, Barack Obama is calling for more gun control designed to keep guns out of the hands of more American citizens. He continues to spew the same old rhetoric that stricter gun control and universal background checks will reduce such mass shootings.

Obama stated that America has a no fly list and the same people that are banned from flying can legally purchase firearms. In fact, the Muslim couple did legally purchase at least 2 of their guns and they passed the FBI background check. They were born and raised here in the US.

One person interviewed on the news said that the best way to survive an active shooter situation is to:

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“Get out, hide, take cover or take action. Taking a shooter out is best action to save lives.”

But how does anyone try to take out an active shooter if they aren’t allowed to carry a firearm in a gun free area? That’s Obama’s solution. He wants to disarm as many American citizens as possible, even though statistics prove that an unarmed populous leads to an increase in violent crimes.

It’s quite possible that many of the mass shootings in America could have been stopped earlier than they were and many lives saved if most Americans were armed. Liberals on the media are throwing figures out of how many mass shootings there have been lately. However, they fail to mention that the vast majority of them all take place in gun free zones where the shooters know they won’t face any armed opposition for some time.

Yet, in those instances where someone was armed with a conceal carry weapon, that person has often stopped the shooting from taking place or stopped it before more people were killed or wounded.

Face it; we live in an ever growing dangerous society. When faced with a growing threat, our military doesn’t disarm itself does it? No, it increases its strength and fire power, unless you’re led by someone like Barack Obama who continues to dismantle our military in the face of growing threats from abroad.

In 1808, President Thomas Jefferson was facing a similar situation. America was growing and expanding and many families were facing the threat of Indian attacks. Jefferson didn’t try to disarm the settlers, expecting them to be safer from the threats. Instead he believed that every home should be provided with a firearm to better protect themselves. Jefferson wrote a letter to Jacob J. Brown in which he stated:

“I learn with great concern that [one] portion of our frontier so interesting, so important, and so exposed, should be so entirely unprovided with common fire-arms. I did not suppose any part of the United States so destitute of what is considered as among the first necessaries of a farm-house.” [Thomas Jefferson to Jacob J. Brown, 1808. ME 11:432]

America has become much like the early frontier and settler days, facing many dangers. Like those days, one of the best defenses to help people protect themselves and others is to follow Jefferson’s advice and arm American citizens and do away with gun free zones. I guarantee that this will greatly reduce the number of people murdered by would be mass shooters.

Let’s all become Jeffersonites and call for the arming of American citizens and the banning of gun free zones. Contact your local, state and national political representatives and urge them to help Americans be able to protect themselves, their families and friends.

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