It’s Time to Call President Obama’s Admitted Bluff

There are many definitions of what bluffing is, but they all inevitably say the same thing

to mislead someone by presenting a bold, strong, or self-confident front.

I have been a vocal critic of President Obama’s budget trickery and have pressed the Republicans in Congress to call President Obama’s bluff because we all know he’s misleading America and is full of lies.

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Much to my shock and laughter, this morning everyone was greeted with the wonderful news that President Barack Obama finally admitted he is full of it. Apparently, after getting irritated with Republicans and Eric Cantor over the budget talks, Obama stormed out of the meeting and told Cantor “don’t call my bluff.”

This should send shockwaves through the Democratic Party. Even Nancy Pelosi tried to cover by saying how ‘gracious’ the President was and blah blah blah and the Republicans were making the story up and blah blah blah. And for once, I thought we might have been done hearing about Mrs. Pelosi.

Republicans were given a few new cards to play with that are even better than what they were holding as long as they don’t give in to Mitch McConnell’s idiotic ideas. They now have the great Bluffer in Chief admitting he doesn’t have a good hand to play. It reminds me of a guy that knows he’s losing at a poker game and asks his friends not to take all his money. “Come on guys, don’t call my bluff. Please?” So now we have a visibly shaken President who can’t keep his cool when the pressure is on. Yesterday he finally admitted to the American public that Social Security is broke and now he admits he doesn’t know what to do about the budget and has nothing to bargain with.

Let’s roll Repubs. Get this show on the road and gut the budget!

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