Sorry folks, but I’m screamin’ mad today. I’m so fed up hearing from so many people that want to make America into their country. If they don’t like the way America is and the language we speak, let them get the hell out of the country and find one they prefer!

Granted, America was originally a melting pot of people from a number of different lands, but originally, they came here to escape religious persecution. They wanted to worship the God of the Bible the way they believed was right without some government official dictating to them how they had to do it.

America started out as a Christian refuge from state run religions.

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Then America became a land of opportunity and many came here to start a new life and have a chance to make their dreams come true. These ideals are what helped America grow and become the great nation it use to be.

But now we have a too many people that are coming here wanting to change everything to their way.

Millions of Hispanics and a growing number of Muslims are entering the country illegally and once they get here, they start demanding rights. They believe that they have privileges that they deserve. And what’s worse, we have an illegal in the White House that’s granting them all of these privileges.

The federal government has openly committed treason by refusing to uphold immigration laws and deport every illegal person they find. Instead, they have ordered state and local communities to set up health care stations to give them free health care. In addition to that, the federal government has also passed a regulation protecting the wages and right to work for migrant workers, many of which are illegals, but no, they tell the officials not to even ask to see their work permits or work visas.

And now the US has entered into a pact with a number of Central American nations to secure the rights of migrants entering the country, legally or not.

America’s open door policy to illegal immigrants is an overt effort on the part of our government to garner the vote of a minority group, of which many have no right to vote. But wait, they plan to give them amnesty and just grant them citizenship because they all broke federal laws and came her illegally.

The influx of illegals is so epidemic that entire areas of the nation are no longer American. They’ve become extension of Central and South America and Cuba.

In some areas in the southwest, virtually no one speaks English. In some places Mexican independence is a three day festival while American independence is relegated to some fireworks after dark on one evening. I’ve seen areas where the Mexican flag flies equal or higher than the American flag which is against federal law, but I dare you to try to correct it.

And when citizens and the states try to take action to defend themselves, the federal government sues them and challenges their actions. Our own government spends more money and effort defending the illegals than it does protecting its own citizens.

Folks, something has to be done before we lose the country to illegals. We need to run the top illegal out of the White House and back to Kenya. Then we need to use US troops to start rounding up the 12-15 million illegals and send them back to their countries and charge their countries for the expense of doing so.

This election, we need to vote for men and women who will uphold the US Constitution and federal laws and shut down the borders and reverse the flow of illegal immigrants.


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