Ivanka Reveals Depression Struggle, Tolerant Feminists Tell Her to ‘Suffer’

Feminists want to lift up and help all women right? Thats what they say anyway. The only thing wrong with that is that they don’t actually want to lift up and help all women. They do want to help the female babies being aborted, and they certainly do not want to help any woman who does not agree with them.

They actually take it a step further. Not only do they not want to help them, but the feminazis go out of their way to tear these other women down.

Ivanka Trump revealed her struggle with postpartum depression, which is not an easy thing to admit by any means. With that information, you’d think she would be lifted up and perhaps her story could even be used to help other mothers with PPD.

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What was the first thing the feminists did, though? They told her to “suffer” with it.

Many women, including a number of feminists, have been championing this same cause for years, calling post-partum depression a “silent menace” that sneaks up on moms, just as they should be enjoying time with their newborn children. Feminists have also been vocal about identifying mental illness in women, dispelling stigma that surrounds mental illness, and helping women to come forward and seek treatment.

Here are a couple of the oh-so-tolerant tweets directed at Ivanka:


So Leslie Afua admits that she had horrible depression, and knows the horrors of it, yet still wishes it upon Ivanka. Wow.

Here is another woman who thinks that for some reason, since Ivanka is rich, that can somehow cure the depression:

How is this okay? I do not like Hillary Clinton in the slightest ounce, but I would never wish the horror of depression upon her. I would not wish it upon anyone.

I suppose that is the difference between Conservatives and Liberals. Conservatives can dislike someone without hoping illness upon them. I can’t say so much for the Liberals.

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