Jamie Foxx Is One Racist Black

Two weeks ago I wrote about Jamie Foxx’s blasphemous statements referring to Barack Obama as lord and savior. Now the so-called black comedian has once again opened his mouth and spewed out racist remarks that would make Martin Luther King Jr. shudder in his grave.

On Saturday Night Live, Jamie Foxx was talking to the audience about his new movie Django Unchained.  In that discussion he mentioned that he gets to “kill all the white people… How great is that?”

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If a white person said anything similar about how great it would be to kill all the black people in a movie, the entire black population of America would be in an uproar. They would be calling that person a racist, a bigot, and insensitive. White broadcasters, and TV personalities, have lost their jobs and more after making statements that were less offensive than those of Jamie Foxx.

When will blacks learn that it is their racist hatred that keeps the race issue fired up. Statements like that by Foxx are insensitive, insulting, offensive, and definitely not funny. People like Jamie Foxx, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are the black version of the KKK. The prejudicial hatred runs just as deep and they are equally despised by mainstream America.

I for one, am sick and tired of listening to people like Foxx make these kinds of statements and then turn and point their finger and call white people racist. In reality people like Foxx don’t want racial equality, they want racial superiority. For example we have the Black Entertainment Channel, Black History Month, Miss Black America, the NAACP, the Black Congressional Caucus, and a number of other institutions designed specifically for black people.

What do you think the black population in America would say or do if we had a White Entertainment Channel, White History Month, Miss White America, the NAAWP, the White Congressional Caucus, and other institutions dedicated solely to whites? They would be up in arms protesting, rioting and calling us white racists. Maybe it’s about time we put the shoe on the other foot and start turning the table on people like Jamie Foxx and expose them as the racist bigots they are!

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