Jay Carney: If You Bring Up Obama Scandals, You’re A “Birther”

Jay Carney was getting irritated at addressing questions about the scandals that have come to light in the Obama administration. Major Garret with CBS News asked Carney about whether he thought the recent scandals were “partisan fishing expeditions,” referencing a quote from White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer:

 “[T]his is a Republican playbook. When they don’t have a positive agenda, try to drag Washington into a swamp of partisan fishing expeditions, trumped up hearings and false allegations. We’re not gonna let that distract us and the president.”

 Agreeing with Pfeiffer, Carney said that the Republican talking points surrounding these scandals were absolutely and purely political.

Major Garret asked about one final scandal that hasn’t been recognized as a scandal yet by the mainstream press. He asked about Health and Human Services’ Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who recently came under mild criticism for trying to solicit large donations from the healthcare industry on behalf of a non-profit organization called Enroll America. This organization’s primary goal is to get everybody signed up for Obamacare. And since Congress hasn’t approved any additional funding for the implementation of Obamacare, Sebelius has seen fit to go around the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry asking for millions of dollars even thought these are the very entities that her department regulates. This is a violation of current federal law.

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But we’re supposed to be OK with this because Sebelius is soliciting money only as a “private citizen” and not as a government official.

So when Carney was asked about that should-be scandal, he retorted, “You know, we could go down the list of questions — we could say, what about the president’s birth certificate? Were that — was that legitimate?”

What does that have to do with Sebelius trying to fund Obamacare by getting donations from big corporations? Nothing. He’s borrowing one of the media’s tactics. If you don’t have a reasonable response, pull the conspiracy theory card. Sometimes it’s the gender card, and other times it’s the race card. But this time, since he didn’t want to address Sebelius, he lumped all these Obama critics in the conspiracy nut case group.

If you want to know who in the IRS was involved in targeting conservative groups and why they did it, you’re a conspiracy theorist who probably also believes that Obama was born in Kenya, and that his birth certificate is a forgery. If you want to know the truth about the Benghazi debacle, why security forces were told to stand down and what the real purpose of this facility in Benghazi was, you’re a conspiracy theorist. If you don’t like that major media organizations’ phone lines and e-mails were hacked, bugged and monitored, you’re probably a nut case who thinks the government has access to every American’s e-mails and phone calls. (Well, actually, they do, but that’s beside the point.)

The point is, if you criticize the current administration, then you’re a racist, sexist and a conspiracy theorist, and whoever uses the conspiracy theorist accusation first wins the argument.

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