Jeb Bush Bashes Obama Administration says Obama Put a ‘Political Hack’ in Charge of Cyber War!

Wow. I’m not used to this so it took me a while to wrap my brain around it.

Jeb Bush used some very harsh words to condemn President Obama’s handling of the cyber wars we’ve been suffering under for the last few years. Hacks from the Russians, Chinese and others have hammered our government, military and intelligence agencies and thus far the bureaucracy in Washington has seemed unable to handle the onslaught successfully.

It’s nice to hear Jeb take such a vocal stand against the incompetency within the Obama administration, but it doesn’t cover all of Bush’s other sin’s. (Suport of the Common Core, Amnesty, forced reduction in emissions, raising taxes, evolving on gay marriage and more).

Here’s what he said on the cyber war:

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It’s outrageous because we know—we’ve known—that the Chinese government or state sponsored Chinese activity has been targeting. As Michael Hayden said we would be doing the same thing with them. That’s part of what counterintelligence work is about. We know that they’re trying to do this and the inspector general of OPM has made it clear that OPM was vulnerable. All of the personnel data for the federal government are in this—are the responsibility of OPM and you have a political hack, you have the national political director of the Obama reelection campaign as the head of this. And just as has been the case across the board when we have this sheer incompetence of scandalous behavior no one shares responsibility! There’s no accountability, no one seems to be fired… the net result is apparently the Chinese have had access to this information for over a year. It is a dangerous threat to our national security and the reaction is always the same – ‘well, the dog ate my homework.’


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