Jeb Bush says He’s Got “A Lot of Really Cool Things” He Could Do… Instead of Being President!

Jeb Bush must be feeling the pressure out there on the campaign trail, because, speaking at an event in South Carolina over the weekend, he let his frustration show. While discussing the gridlock that has become ubiquitous on Capitol Hill, Bush argued that he plans on working with both sides to get things done. In fact, if people don’t want their President working with the opposition they better just go ahead and vote for someone else.

(I’m not sure if it’s wise for the guy sitting in 5th place in the polls to tell voters to vote for other candidates.)

Here’s what Bush had to say about the partisan traffic jams that have the legislative roads in Washington, D.C. all clogged up.

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If this election is about how we’re going to fight to get nothing done, then I don’t want to have any part of it. I don’t want to be elected president to just sit around and see gridlock become so dominant that people are literally in decline in their lives.

That is not my motivation. I got a lot of really cool things I could do other than sit around and be miserable, listening to people demonize me and feeling compelled to demonize me. 

That is a joke. Elect Trump if you want that.

Here’s the thing that I think Jeb Bush misses. While we conservatives are all about “getting stuff done,” there are things that we would rather see NOT happen. For example, if “getting things done” includes raising taxes, increasing spending, passing more laws constricting our liberty, granting amnesty to illegal aliens or expanding the welfare state… well, we’ll take a pass on that. If that’s the stuff that the government wants to “get done,” we’d rather see Congress idle in neutral than actually “accomplish” anything.

We want to see the next President work with Congress to pass CONSERVATIVE reform. We don’t want you to just “do stuff” for the sake of being able to say that “you did something.”

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