Jerry Brown Betrays Americans, Makes California ‘Sanctuary’ State

Gov. Jerry Brown continued his streak of anti-Americanism by signing the so-called “Trust Act,” turning California into a “sanctuary” state.

The law bans state officials from transferring illegal immigrants to federal authorities for deportation if in the estimate of those state officials the aliens haven’t committed “serious” offenses.

Considering that California is already a “medical” marijuana state, it’s a no-brainer that drug offenses won’t rate the “serious” label, guaranteeing that drug dealers and Mexican cartels will have the run of the state for years to come.

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It also guarantees that illegal immigrants will continue to flood the state so long as they think there is opportunity to game the system and make money.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and former Homeland Security Secretary and current University of California President Janet Napolitano are among the Democrats who leaned on Gov. Moonbeam to sign the “Trust Act.”

Thanks to the liberal leadership of California, illegal immigrants, only half of whom are actually from Mexico, can break the border secure in the knowledge that nothing much will happen to them so long as they don’t kill somebody (or at least aren’t linked to any killings).

Combined with the new law allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, the “Trust Act” will cement California’s position as staging ground for the invasion of the rest of the country. By trying to mince the law according to state officials’ estimations of “serious” and nonserious crimes, Gov. Moonbeam has just invited criminals of all levels to make California home base as they spread their influence across the USA.

The L.A. Times reports that illegal alien activists applauded at weekend rallies after Brown signed the bill.

Why wouldn’t they? If you’ve been trying to destroy an enemy for decades and then they just suddenly give up, of course you’re going to celebrate.

La Raza’s longtime dream of creating Aztlan — a Latino-run country inside the territory of the United States — is almost here, and you can thank California’s Democrats.

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