Jesse Jackson Backs Barack

Oh, Jesse Jackson, you pitiful ignoramus. I’m sorry, but there will be no judgment withheld affirmative-action-style from President Obama.

Such is what Rev. Jackson seems to be pleading Americans to do in his column for The UK’s Observer.

His opening sentence admits that Obama failed to live up the hope that billions of people worldwide had for him–and then he goes on to make the case to give Obama a second chance.

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One of his primary reasons is–can you guess it?–“Let’s remember President Obama inherited a very deep hole, a hole most Americans did not imagine existed.”

Was Senator Obama unaware that he would inherit a mess? Was he not promising in every campaign speech that he would fix that mess? Did he not say in an interview that he would get things done within three years, that unemployment would reach 8 percent if we did not pass the stimulus bill, and that unemployment would be down to 5.4 percent by now? Obama knew what he signed up for. He is not the victim of his economic inheritance; he volunteered to inherit it.

Jackson goes on to devote paragraph after paragraph to hailing Obama’s achievements, from signing an unpopular health-care bill into law to actually looking like a president in the final week before an election in the wake of a hurricane–oh yes, such an achievement!

But eventually Jackson moves onto his favorite topic: race.

Because President Obama is black, says Jackson, “a woman or a Latino can now believe that their path through life will carry them as far as their dreams can imagine. If Obama can do it, it inspires women to think they can do it and Latinos to think they can do it.” Not only is Obama black, but Jackson seems to believe he is also a Latino woman.

“Black people are still facing tremendous racial injustice,” says Jackson. His evidence?

  • “[W]e’re number one in home foreclosure; the banks target us.” Indeed, it is a great injustice that banks ask people to pay mortgages on time.
  • “We’re number one in infant mortality.” Planned Parenthood has a lot to do with that.
  • “Number one in short life expectancy.” Biology is racist. The only reparations that can be made to mend this injustice is for white people to die earlier than they currently do. Now that’s moving forward.
  • “Number one in unemployment.” Yep, higher than under President Bush, even. Does Obama get credit for the lower unemployment rate of blacks under Bush?

Another claim of Jackson’s is that Romney will nominate Supreme Court justices who will turn back the civil-rights achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Does he genuinely believe this, or is he being hysterical to scare voters?

Jackson sums it all up by declaring that “We need to keep hope alive.” This final sentence of his seems to directly contradict the sentiment expressed in his first sentence, in which he acknowledges that Obama failed to live up to the hope of 2008. “Hope failed us once before; let’s try it again!”

What was Einstein’s definition of insanity? Something about doing the same thing over and over again and execting different results?

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