Jesse Jackson Wants to Cut 200,000 Jobs and Billions in Tax Revenue

If blacks stopped being so racially prejudiced against whites, Jesse Jackson would be unemployed.  He and Al Sharpton make their living off of fueling the fires of hate and fear.

In his latest ill directed tirade, Jackson is launching an assault on gun shops across the country.  For some reason he is blaming stores that sell legal firearms for all of the shootings and killing of blacks, even though a significant number of those shooting are committed with guns obtained illegally by people that are not allowed by law to be in possession of a gun to begin with.  If he got his way, Jackson would eliminate over 200,000 jobs and billions of dollars in tax revenue and economic impact.

What Jackson and his entourage fail to understand that one of the very few industries in the United States that has actually thrived under President Barack Obama’s failed economic policies is the gun industry.

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According to figures released in April by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry has had a 30% increase in jobs and a 66.5% increase in total economic impact since Obama took office.  The gun industry has also had a significant increase in federal, state and excise tax revenue.

Yet in all of his infinite wisdom, Jesse Jackson just told a crowd in Racine, Wisconsin that it is time to demand jobs for the unemployed and start marching on gun shops all across the country.

He’s demanding jobs for the unemployed and then launching a campaign to put 200,000 people out of work.  He ignorantly targets innocent hard working Americans that are contributing to the economy and job market for the crimes committed largely by one black person upon another.  Statistics show that black-on-black crimes far exceed white-on-black or black-on-white crimes.

If Jackson had any idea of what is happening outside of his self-propagated world of hate and bitterness, he would turn his attention to the black neighborhoods where most of the black-on-black crimes take place.  Let him march to them and take an active role to help them stop shooting each other instead trying to put honest people out of work who bear absolutely no responsibility for the crimes he is accusing them of.

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