Jim Wallis Is Wrong But at Least Consistent, Unlike Most Conservative Church Leaders

Jim Wallis is an enemy of American exceptionalism. We shouldn’t be surprised. After all, Jim Wallis has a prior commitment – his Marxist ideology – and America, with its unique Christian heritage of liberty, justice for all, free markets, private property, and gun freedom, is the foremost threat for Marxism in the world. While Marxism has made serious advance in America – for which the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency is a powerful testimony – the majority of Americans still reject it, and still cling to their guns and their Bibles. So Wallis, after the initial setbacks for the Communist movement in the US in his youth, learned his lessons and decided to use the Fabian tactics of pretending to be a Christian and promote his Communism under the disguise of Christianity. It does work, to be honest, at least partly. While the majority of the Communists and socialists in the US are practical atheists and they won’t give a dam about whether their wicked ideology is promoted in the name of Christ or Darth Vader or anyone else. There are a few sincere Christians, though, who buy into Wallis’s rhetoric. Every product has its market, and Wallis has his market too, although it is doubtful how big it is.

What is much more disturbing, though, is that Wallis didn’t have to create a new ideology to promote his Marxist views. In fact, he is using exactly the rhetoric and the theology of most modern conservative pastors and Christian leaders in the US. He doesn’t have to think of new ways to deceive Christians; he only borrows those ways from conservative Christians, and gives them consistent applications.

What is Wallis’s argument?

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His main argument is not that the Bible teaches socialism or Communism; he uses that too but there is a greater argument: “America is not a Christian nation.” It is not a surprise; after all, Obama, in one of his first speeches as a President, said the same thing. Wallis has a theological “foundation” for that statement: “There is no special place for America in the Bible.” He says that there is no “special covenant” of America under God.

Guess what. This is what is said all across America. Not by Wallis and his fellow Marxist wolves in pastor’s clothing. It is said everywhere by good old conservative – Baptist, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Bible Church – pastors from the pulpits. The same arguments against any covenant of America with God are taught by professors in conservative seminaries. So many seminary professors and Christian celebrities are committed to teach that “there is no such thing as a Christian nation, Christian politics, Christian government, or Christian law,” that there are barely any seminary graduates today that even begin to look into America’s Christian foundations and point to the covenant they had with God, and to their commitment to Jesus Christ when they founded this nation. The conservative pulpits of America are increasingly manned by hosts of little Jim Wallises, trained by conservative professors in conservative seminaries. It is only a matter of time before they become consistent.

And Wallis gives that consistency. Because if America is not a Christian nation, and if wasn’t founded upon a covenant with God, then God has no business telling Americans how to live, how to set up and regulate their government, their economy, their fiscal policies, their tax structures, or their war engagements. If God is not the King of America, then Man is the King. If it is not God’s Law, then it is man’s law. And if it man’s law, then it is the law of the most powerful human institution: the civil government. In the struggle of which man’s law will prevail in the society, the men with the most guns will make laws. Wallis knows this very well. The exclusion of God and Christianity from the political and social and economic life suits him well. Exclude God, and the Federal government becomes god walking on earth. And leftists are very good at controlling the Federal government, be on a Republican or a Democrat ticket. And even better: Wallis doesn’t have to change the current theology in the churches. Taking the existing theology and making it go to its consistent end is enough.

Contrary to Wallis’s claims, however, and to the claims of most pastors and theologians, America was established as a Christian nation. And the argument here that “there is no special place for America in the Bible” is moot. By the same logic, there is no special place for any living individual nor any church today in the Bible. Does that mean there are no Christian churches or individuals today? No. The important issue is whether there is a place for the Bible in the hearts of the individuals and in the pulpit of a church. That’s what makes an individual and a church Christian.

In the same way, a Christian nation is not one that has a special place in the Bible; a Christian nation is one that has a special place for the Bible in its heart, in its laws, in its political system, in its founding documents. And America was established as a nation with a special place for the Bible and Jesus Christ in its heart. There is an abundant evidence for it in the book by Benjamin Morris, The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States. So, contrary to Wallis, and contrary to most pastors and theologians in America today, this is a Christian nation, and God and the Bible have much to say about the way it should be ruled.

Because if we don’t let God rule this nation as a Christian nation, we are defenseless against power-mongers and Communists and socialists as Jim Wallis and his ilk. Just like Eastern Europe was defenseless against Communism, not having a church and Christians who believed in Christian government and law. Just like Germany was defenseless against Nazism. And just like Europe is defenseless today against the socialist-Muslim alliance that is eroding it and turning it into a backwater, economically, spiritually, and socially.

Jim Wallis is consistent. But our pastors and Christian celebrities are not. He is taking their wrong message about the nature of America and taking it to its logical end. We have to deal with the wrong theology in our churches first before we can defend America from its enemies. Which means, return to the theology of the Founding Fathers which saw America as uniquely covenanted to God, and under His Law. Without it, tyranny wins.

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