Jobs and Oil

President Obama sent his jobs plan to Congress on Monday with a message of ‘no games, no politics and no delays.’  However, he isn’t listening to the employers who are saying it isn’t going to help create as many jobs Obama is projecting.  And at a cost of $447 billion, America can ill afford another half trillion dollars of deficit spending on a program that isn’t going to work.  Regardless of tax incentives, if the work isn’t there, they are not going to hire workers to just have them standing around doing nothing.

At the same time, OPEC is forecasting a reduced demand on oil resulting in a reduction of oil production by over 1 million barrels a day.  US crude oil prices have dropped to $88 per barrel.  However, Goldman Sachs, who has a number of questionable dealings over the past year, is projecting a cost of $126.50 per barrel by next year.

What would happen if the President and the green Dems allowed more oil exploration and dripping to take place in Alaska’s north shore area and off America’s coasts?

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The result would be more jobs for a number of Americans, more domestic oil and natural gas produced and less reliance on other countries for our energy needs.

Governor Rick Perry has been taking criticism for his claim of creating jobs in Texas because it was largely associated with the oil and natural gas industry.  If this worked in Texas, then why wouldn’t it work in other parts of the US?

Instead of pouring millions of dollars down the drain on a program that everyone says won’t produce jobs, why not aim it at already successful models such as the Texas’ oil industry and kill two birds with one stone?

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