Joe Biden Waxes Poetic about Socialism on Labor Day

Joe Biden hit the campaign trail on Labor Day to spout some socialist rhetoric while blaming the wealthy for all of America’s problems. He was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Monday with AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka when the Vice President chose to lay all of America’s woes at the feet of the rich.

Talking about problems with the tax code being the primary reason for the weakening of the middle class, the VP forgot to mention that most of the problems with our tax code are the fault of liberals in Congress.

Our progressive tax code has made everything about being in business more expensive, which has meant that there is now less money to go around. To make matters worse, liberal policies have also destroyed the value of our currency, making the dollars that are available actually worth less than they would have been with more conservative policies.

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“It used to be when productivity went up in America, everybody got to share. The people who caused the productivity increase, they got to share. They got a piece of the action. Something is wrong, folks.

You built the middle class. That’s not an exaggeration. And as you’ve declined, the middle class has declined. … Build labor, we build America. Build labor, we build the middle class.

Let me tell you something, man. The tax code’s not fair. The wealthy aren’t paying their fair share.

Today 1 percent of Americans owns 40 percent of all wealth in AmericaA level playing field doesn’t exist.

It’s the way the tax code has been setup.”

Vice President Biden is a laugh a minute. It’s sad to think that this is truly the best that the Democrats could do in 2016 and we still might lose… Ugh.

Here’s the thing. If Democrats really cared about the middle class, then they would cut taxes, cut spending and cut regulations. These three simple steps would infuse more money back into our local economies and we would immediately see economic growth, job numbers would rebound, and businesses would expand, creating a vicious (good vicious) cycle of economic expansion.

Sadly, Democrats don’t really care about the middle class; they only care about power and growing the government (which is one in the same, really).

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