John Kerry Cites Syria’s WMD as Reason for War

There were no WMD. Bush lied, people died.

How many times did we have to listen to liberals spouting those bumper sticker slogans during the Bush years and the war in Iraq?

You know the “official” story: Gen. Colin Powell was tricked by the devious President Bush (you know, the dumb one) into telling the world that Iraq had the weapons of mass destruction that the world believed it had for the previous decade.

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Then we sent troops to Iraq, and there wasn’t a single weapon of mass destruction to be found (despite evidence to the contrary).

Now, it’s the Obama Administration’s turn to wear the warmonger hat. After funding the Syrian “rebels” behind Congress’ back and running arms through the Benghazi mission to do it, President Obama finally has the chance he seems to have been agitating for in the recent poison gas attack that killed civilians in “rebel”-held territory inside Syria.

Secretary of State John “I Went to Vietnam” Kerry said Monday that Syria’s use of gas against civilians was “undeniable.”

He didn’t say why it was undeniable. At least Powell had pictures.

Kerry, who is apparently calling the shots this week for the ever more confused Obama, said the Administration would hold Syria accountable for the “moral obscenity.”

Kerry further ripped into the Syrian government for the “indiscriminate slaughter of civilians” and, as the New York Times put it, the “cynical efforts” to cover up its “cowardly crime.”

This from an Administration that has been covering up the real events that led to four American deaths in Benghazi, Libya, for close to a year.

Administration sources say that Obama is close to deciding on a military action — but a “limited” one, such as sending some cruise missiles Assad’s way.

The strategy here is difficult to decipher. Obama, or at least the powers behind him, seem to want the Syrian government to fall. But the biggest roadblock to that happening has been Russia.

That may account for Obama’s odd hesitancy when he has been behind the rebels for three years now. Before he can move, he must generate enough international outrage to outweigh Vladimir Putin’s global popularity, a tall order for one of the greatest laughingstocks on the international scene.

If he were to order a military strike too soon, Obama would risk losing the last tatters of his credibility.

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