John McCain Finally Admits the Truth

John McCain, described as a “maverick” by the Left, has a new book coming out. He says “that his battle with brain cancer has given him a sense of liberation to vote and speak his mind.”


I wouldn’t wish brain cancer on anyone. It’s not the way I would want to die. While my sympathy is with him as reaches the end of his life, I was startled to read the following:

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“If I hadn’t admitted that to myself before this summer, a stage 4 cancer diagnosis acts as ungentle persuasion,” McCain writes. “I’m freer than colleagues who will face the voters again. I can speak my mind without fearing the consequences much. And I can vote my conscience without worry. I don’t think I’m free to disregard my constituents’ wishes, far from it. I don’t feel excused from keeping pledges I made. Nor do I wish to harm my party’s prospects. But I do feel a pressing responsibility to give Americans my best judgment.”

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McCain has been in the Senate since 1987. What has he been doing for 35 years? Has he been lying to the voters?

He’s freer now since he does not have to “face the voters.” What does that mean? Senators take an oath to uphold the Constitution. That used to be a big deal. Not anymore. The Constitution is a contract with “We the people.”

The following has been attributed to Thomas Jefferson:

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.

Senators do not have the freedom to vote in terms of the “will of the people.” They must vote in terms of the limited authority of the Constitution. The Constitution is a document of enumerated powers. We’re in a political mess because people like McCain don’t keep their oath.

McCain feels a “pressing responsibility to give Americans my best judgment.” That’s not what he was elected to do. He was bound to abide by the restrictions of the Constitution. If every Senator believed that his judgment was the best judgment, we would have political anarchy. Actually, we do have political anarchy, every Senator doing what he believes is his best judgment.

Describing the political environment overall, the Arizona Republican writes that he is dismayed by the “scarcity of humility in politics these days.”

“I suspect it’s never been in abundant supply in most human enterprises,” McCain writes according to the excerpt. “And I don’t mean modesty. Any politician worth a damn can fake modesty. Humility is the self-knowledge that you possess as much inherent dignity as anyone else, and not one bit more. Among its other virtues, humility makes for more productive politics.”

True humility is keeping your oath. Humility is understanding that “your best judgment” isn’t the issue. Voting to support and finance a policy that is not found in the Constitution based on “your best judgment” is arrogance.

McCain isn’t the only one. Congress is made up of people who believe their “best judgment” trumps the Constitution. Of course, the people are equally confused about the stated limits of those elected to office. They want free stuff by voting for people like McCain who will vote to take money from some people so he can give it to other people…


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