Jordan Shows Obama How to Go After Jihadis

King Abdullah of Jordan isn’t dithering about how ISIS isn’t Islamic or delving into the political or historical justifications for terrorism, and he certainly isn’t pulling any punches any more.

After ISIS released a video of its soldiers burning a Jordanian pilot alive in an iron cage, he let it be known in a speech in Congress (that apparently was ignored by the media) that he wasn’t going to put up with it any more, and he backed it up with some Clint Eastwood tough talk, quoting from the movie “Unforgiven.”

The exact line he quoted wasn’t officially given, but the rumor mill is saying it was this one: “Any man I see out there, I’m gonna kill him. Any son of a bitch takes a shot at me, I’m not only going to kill him, I’m going to kill his wife and all his friends and burn his damn house down.”

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Since that speech on Tuesday, Jordan has been raining fire on ISIS in the town of Raqqa, where ISIS had filmed cheering throngs, including children, watching the pilot’s immolation on big-screen TVs.

By comparison, President Obama met with Abdullah on Tuesday and afterwards used milquetoast words like “bankrupt” and “vicious” to describe ISIS, while still refusing to even mention Islamic “extremism” or Islamic anything.

While Obama was at the National Prayer Breakfast comparing ISIS to Christian Crusaders, Abdullah was assuring his people that the only problem in going after ISIS was running out of fuel or bullets.

Unlike Obama, who clearly either doesn’t take ISIS seriously or who actually wants ISIS to thrive, Abdullah seems very clear on his own feelings about the al-Qaida offshoot that has grown exponentially since Obama fled from Iraq.

“Our war will be relentless,” Abdullah told Jordanian television, “and will hit ISIS in their own ground.”

A government spokesman told reporters, “Jordan’s response will be heard by the world at large.”

It’s hard to imagine a more clear-cut set of villains than ISIS, which has seemingly served as a magnet for many of the worst evil-doers of the Islamic world.

Not only do the orcs of ISIS slaughter men who fight against them, but they make particular targets of women and children. A United Nations report released this week says that ISIS regularly kidnaps, rapes, enslaves, crucifies, beheads and even buries alive children who fall into its clutches.

There are no words strong enough to condemn the monsters who swell the ranks of ISIS. The only rational response of civilized men is that which King Abdullah is expressing now.

So why is President Obama holding back, even protecting the hordes of ISIS?

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