Joss Whedon: Just Another Hollywood Depopulationist Reaver

Joss Whedon was the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the best space opera TV show ever: Firefly. Lately he achieved much deserved fortune as the director of Marvel Avengers movie. And now he is pumping up Obama.

So another Hollywood Leftist makes Leftist propaganda on YouTube. Why is that news?

Nothing about Whedon could ever be mistaken for a conservative. His odious promotion of homosexuality (or his pandering to soft porn appetites on TV—since he only used cute “lesbians,”— disguised as promotion of homosexuality) would make that clear.

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But shilling for Obamacare? Or supporting a man who thinks that using massive federal spending would “stimulate” the economy? That is inexplicable except that, in Hollywood, nothing matters but being cool and forcing Middle America to make room for Leftist sexual habits. In Whedon’s fictional world the Central government is evil because it “meddles” with those who want to be left alone. In the real world, Whedon is the Central government’s cheerleader.

Whedon’s Firefly showed us the 1870s Wild West set in a future star system. In Firefly the imperialist Central Planetary government was trying to expand its boot print into the outer worlds. The heroes of the show were led by an ex-Browncoat—the equivalent of a beaten confederate trying to eke out a mercenary living in the wild outer regions as far away from the influence of the Federal authorities as he could get.

In the YouTube video, Whedon’s gag is that Romney will bring about the zombie apocalypse. (I’d like to hear what Whedon thinks Obama’s Libya is like right now.) Other than siding with Obama’s appetite for infanticide, and pretending the planet faces “overpopulation” in its future under Romney, all he’s got is vague stuff about corporatism which he simply insists will lead to such dire results. How is anything more likely to bring us nearer to economic collapse than increasing the debt from $10 trillion to $16 trillion in only four years? Romney will bring about poverty? Wake up and smell the flyover country, Joss. We’re living in that now under the Chosen One.

Zombies are a theme Whedon likes to use, not only in his supernatural shows, but also in his futuristic ones. In Firefly they are called “Reavers” – mindless cannibals who murder and rape. It is eventually revealed that the Reavers were originally humans changed by an attempt by the central government to induce conformity and obedience into the masses – an experiment in mind control that went horribly wrong.

You have to appreciate the irony. Joss warns us about the zombie apocalypse, but he is the zombie apocalypse: using YouTube to summon all the mindless Reavers who will be prone to vote his way just because he’s the guy who invented Buffy and can spout a bunch of nonsense. And all on the premise that the earth is heading for destruction unless we kill babies and depopulate it.

When I originally saw this video, my first thought was that was a traitor to the Browncoats, much like a despicable mercenary he portrayed in one of his episodes. But that’s not really going far enough. Whedon is a Reaver. He hasn’t lost his ability to speak or pose arrogant and cool, but he’s still a soulless destroyer. As a former fan of his, it was certainly vile torment to watch him prate.

And if Whedon is the best the Hollywood Left has to offer, that tells us what kind of enemy the world is facing. Zombie apocalypse indeed!

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