Judge Gives Holder till Oct. 1 to Turn Over Fast & Furious Documents to House Committee

Operation Fast and Furious took place over four years ago. Our government intentionally funneled over 2,000 guns, many of which were assault or assault style rifles, to Mexican drug cartels. Supposedly it was so they could track them, but that idea was worse than naïve. It didn’t take long for the feds to lose tracks most, if not all of the guns that they let walk across the border.

The whistle was blown in December 2010 when US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by Mexican drug traffickers who were armed with guns provided to them by Operation Fast and Furious. Additionally, over 300 Mexican citizens have been gunned down with US supplied weapons.

Since that time, both Barack Obama and Eric Holder claim that they had no knowledge of the illegal gun running operation despite evidence to the contrary. The US House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have subpoenaed thousands of pages of documents from Holder and the Department of Justice. Holder turned over a fraction of the documents subpoenaed and then refused to turn over the rest. Holder was then held in contempt of Congress, but nothing resulted from the contempt charge. He got his master, Obama to use his executive privileges to protect him from having to turn over any more documents.

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Supposedly, Operation Fast and Furious was intended to allow US officials to track the guns and help them destroy the Mexican drug cartels. Instead, all it amounted to was arming the drug cartels and helping them in their bloody practices against Mexicans and Americans.

Now US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the US District Court for the District of Columbia has given Holder a deadline of October 1 to hand over all of the remaining documents.

Erich Pratt, Communications Director with Gun Owners of America responded to the judge’s order saying that he hopes this helps to hold those responsible for the botched gun running operation accountable for their actions. Pratt also said that he does not believe that Operation Fast and Furious was intended to destroy the drug cartels as much as it was intended to lend fuel to the government’s agenda of gun control.

Pratt was right because after the death of Terry, Obama and his liberal entourage launched a massive campaign to pass a number of federal anti-Second Amendments pieces of legislations. Fortunately, there are enough patriotic Americans that helped to defeat most of Obama’s efforts.

Now we all have to wait and see if Holder complies with the District Court order or will he continue to hide his guilt behind the skirt of his puppet master?

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