Judge Orders Christian Couple to Hold Gay Weddings in Their Home

Cynthia and Robert Gifford own Liberty Ridge Farm, just outside of Stillwater in upstate New York. To help boost the farm’s income, they feature a number of attractions designed for kids and families, including a pumpkin patch, a corn stalk maze and a rustic barn for parties and weddings. Being active Christians, the Giffords operated their business by Christian principles.

They built a three story barn with the bottom floor designed for parties and weddings. The second floor has rooms where members of a wedding party can get dressed and prepare. The third floor is the living quarters for the Giffords.

Everything was going ideally for the couple until a pair of lesbians seemed to have intentionally set out to trap the Christian couple and ruin their business and lives. Cynthia received a phone call from Melissa McCarthy inquiring about having her wedding at the Gifford’s farm. Cynthia invited her to come to the farm to check it out.

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Shortly thereafter, Cynthia learned that Melissa was referring to a lesbian wedding with her partner Jennifer. Cynthia explained that they do not host same-sex marriage ceremonies because of their Christian faith, but still offered to host a reception for them.

The trap had been set and Cynthia took the bait. Now Melissa and Jennifer were ready to spring the trap closed. Jennifer had been recording the phone call without telling Cynthia she was being recorded. The lesbians immediately contacted the ACLU who sent them to the New York Civil Liberties Union who immediately filed a lawsuit against the Giffords.

In the court hearings, the Giffords explained that the building used for weddings was also their home and they believed they had the constitutional right to live by their Christian faith in their own home. They even told the judge that they employ homosexuals and they have hosted gay parties in the past, just not weddings.

Administrative Law Judge Migdalia Parres cared nothing for the US Constitution or the religious rights of the Giffords. She fined the Giffords $13,000 and ordered them to perform same-sex weddings in their home in the future. If that isn’t bad enough, the judge also ordered the Giffords and all of their employees to undergo government brainwashing disguised as re-education training classes where they would learn the state of New York’s viewpoint on marriage.

However, the Giffords are not going to just roll over and play dead for the judge or the LGBT community. With the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, the Giffords have filed an appeal with an appellate court. James Trainor, their attorney commented:

“All Americans should be free to live and work according to their beliefs. Entering the marketplace doesn’t mean the government can force a person to surrender their First Amendment freedoms or face punishment. The commission demonstrated stunning disregard for the Gifford’s rights, which were never considered at the hearing.”

From the sounds of this, the Giffords were intentionally targeted by the lesbians for the sole purpose of forcing them to accept their sinful and perverted lifestyle. Christian business owners are being targeted more and more. The LGBT community is waging a war of hatred, bigotry, discrimination and intolerance against Christians. It’s not acceptable to them that others do not share their views on their chosen lifestyle. They are insisting on ramming their abominations down the throats of Christians until we choke on them. Their agenda is accept them or die.

Have you ever seen a similar targeting or lawsuit against a Muslim owned business? I haven’t. Islam is very strict about homosexuality and in some Muslim countries the crime is punishable by beatings, imprisonment and even death. Are the LGBT afraid that Muslims will retaliate against them if they are targeted like Christians?

With the US Supreme Court’s recent inaction on same-sex marriages, the number of states legalizing the abominable unions has drastically increased. That means that more LGBT sinners will be targeting Christian business owners.

If you didn’t think that you would ever see the persecution of Christians here in the United States, consider what’s going on. They are being persecuted by the gays, by the courts, by the military and our federal government. The IRS and DHS are targeting Christians because of their beliefs, conservative and patriotic values. Obamacare was designed to intentionally trample on the rights of Christians by forcing them to violate their faith. Christians are being arrested and jailed for speaking outside abortion clinics and Muslim festivals.

America has turned its back on God and He is turning us over to our sinful desires, lusts and ways. We are no longer a Christian nation, but a nation under judgment. One of these days, God’s judgment will turn to wrath and when that happens, none will escape, not even the faithful. That folks scares me more than anything else!

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