Judge Says Ok to Beat Someone Attacking Islam

Last October, atheist Ernie Perce wore a zombie Muhammad costume to a Halloween event.  Talaag Elbayomy, a Muslim, confronted Perce about his costume, told him it was offensive and then started to beat him.  The attack was caught on video.

Elbayomy was arrested and charged with assault.  At the trial, there was testimony presented by an officer who witnesses the attack along with the video.  Judge Mark Martin, then dismissed the case against Elbayomy and lectured Perce about the sensitivities of the Muslim culture.  In court, Martin told Perce,

“They are so immersed in it and what you’ve done is you’ve completely trashed their essence, their being. They find it very, very, very offensive. I’m a Muslim.  I find it offensive.”

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That’s right.  Judge Martin, who served in Iraq, is a convert to Islam.  His own personal Islamic beliefs definitely clouded his ability to interpret US and Pennsylvania law.  His decision to throw out the case basically sends a message to all Muslims in Pennsylvania that they can physically attack anyone who offends their religion.

Yet, in the same state, Christians are arrested for trying to share their religion by offering pregnant women an alternative to abortion.  If that Christian is standing on the public sidewalk in front of an abortion clinic, they can and have been arrested.

If a Christian student tries to stand up for their faith in the public schools and declare that homosexuality and sex outside of marriage is a sin, they are punished under new bullying laws.

There have been numerous occasions where people have dressed up as Jesus in a profane way, but the courts upheld their right to do so.  I’ve often been offended by how many people treat the Bible and anything Christian, but I know that I do not have the legal right to physically attack the insensitive idiot that’s committing blasphemy.

But let a Muslim beat up anyone, atheist, Christian, Jew, Budhhist, etc, they will walk away free and clear of all charges if Judge Mark Martin has his way of interpreting the law.

A number of legal experts, along with others, are calling for Martin to be removed from the bench for his actions.  Among them is Matt Staver of the Liberty Counsel who said,

“This particular judge actually had the audacity to rule in favor of the attacker, saying that the attacker was compelled to attack this individual because it was an insult to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.

“This situation is one involving a judge that needs to be removed from the bench.  He is clearly instituting sharia from the bench, using sharia law as a basis to ultimately acquit a person who actually committed an assault and a battery against an individual.”

Diane Gramley, head of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania added,

“That definitely changes everything, because if he’s a Muslim convert, then that definitely has tainted his view of the law, and he is looking at sharia law and making his decision.  You cannot look at a situation where a Muslim has physically harassed, physically attacked an atheist — granted the guy’s an atheist who’s in a parade; he’s dressed as a Muslim — but that’s not against the law.”

The people in Pennsylvania need to make their voices heard to the governor of the state and demand that Martin be removed immediately from the bench.  This is also a good warning why every state needs to pass laws banning the use of Sharia law in court cases.

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