Judge Finishes Striking Down Ban on Polygamy

Sometimes I hate being right. Ecclesiastes 1:18 and all that.

But it happens, unfortunately, as it did when a federal judge eviscerated Utah’s anti-polygamy law in a case involving a TV celebrity family of polygamists.

Kody Brown and his four wives, stars of the reality show “Sister Wives,” filed a lawsuit in 2011 against Utah when they were forced to leave the state once the show aired. A county prosecutor had threatened to charge them with violating state law once their domestic arrangement became known.

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U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups first ruled in favor of the family in December, saying that the ban on cohabitation violated the Browns’ freedom of religion. He has now finalized that ruling and decided that the Browns can collect attorney’s fees from the state as well.

The Emmy Award-winning show featured Kody Brown and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

The office of Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said this week it was reviewing the final ruling and “will make final determination of whether or not to appeal one or more of the issues in the decision within the coming weeks.”

Brown family attorney Jonathan Turley said, “This was a historic ruling that I believe will stand the test of time.”

He may be right. The legal acceptance of polygamy may be inevitable since courts, Congress and the president have all caved in on the issue of gay “marriage.”

Call it a slippery slope if you will, or call it the fruits of “marriage equality,” but polygamy is just the next domino to tumble in a collapse that will see the end of traditional marriage as an institution. Waiting in line for their turn at the court-opened “marriage equality” spigot are the pedophiles who want their child brides, practitioners of incest and slaves to even stranger fetishes.

As many of us critics of homosexual “marriage” have said all along, once the redefinition of marriage is accepted for homosexuals, then “marriage” will become anything anyone wants it to be. Simply, there will be no definition and no standards.

The government ultimately will have no legal option except to provide tax breaks, legal exceptions and other benefits to anyone and everyone. This in turn will lead to changes in other laws, such as those regarding child sexual abuse and portrayal of minors involved in sex acts or any other depravity Hollywood can dish out.

Marriage was a cornerstone of our society, providing an institution for the making and raising of children. Government had a legitimate interest in protecting and encouraging marriage because it was the source of each new generation of citizens.

Now that homosexual “marriages” are accepted, the cornerstone has been smashed and the entire edifice is starting to crumble. Homosexual “marriage” is about ego and lust. Yeah, yeah, we all know you love each other, but government’s stewardship of marriage was never supposed to be about love and sex. It was supposed to be about children’s welfare and a stable society. Supporters of gay marriage have done away with that. Congratulations.

Some people might think polygamy isn’t as bad as homosexual couplings because it at least produces children and provides some sort of family, but that ignores some of the well-known negative factors in polygamy such as the sexual and mental abuse that often occurs in those relationships, and the social upheaval as some males have to do without female partners. Incest, forced marriages and child marriages are more common in a polygamous society. It’s all done wonders for the Muslim world, who wouldn’t want it to become the norm in the U.S.?

All the people who have supported homosexual “marriage” under the assumption that it doesn’t affect their own marriage or lives are wrong. It already has affected marriage itself. You may be so egocentric that you don’t see it, but if you have children or grandchildren, supporting homosexual “marriage” has already made it less likely that your kids will ever marry or that their children will grow up in a stable household.

After all, if marriage now is just about personal pleasure, who needs it? Guys can get the same pleasure and still be a free agent by knocking up as many women as they can then moving on. The women will get government benefits for themselves and the kids, and that’s all that really matters, right? Polygamists will be the responsible ones, and children of polygamous marriages can be just as ignored by their father as the kids who don’t know their fathers.

The inevitable social decline and promotion of immorality that will result virtually guarantees that future generations will lives lives of personal chaos and dissatisfaction.

That slippery slope we crazy conservative types warned about in the fight over homosexual “marriage”? We’re on it and gaining momentum.

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