Judges Not Sure Ruling Against Obama’s Deferred Deportation Would Stop Flow of Illegals

While many have been following the lawsuit filed by 26 states to block Barack Obama’s illegal action known as ‘deferred deportation,’ another lawsuit should be getting some of your attention.

As you know, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a long running feud with Barack Hussein Obama. It all started when Arpaio responded to the petition filed by over 200 county citizens requesting an official investigation of the official birth certificate released by the White House. Arpaio gave the investigation to the department’s Cold Case Posse. As they started digging into the issue, they found overwhelming evidence that proved the birth certificate was a forgery and fraud, along with Obama’s Social Security Number and Selective Service Card.

As Arpaio and his colleagues began going public with their findings, Obama launched an attack on Arpaio. He was accused of racial profiling for trying to enforce the laws and stop illegal drug and human trafficking. He got a liberal judge to strip Arpaio’s department of their ability to enforce federal immigration laws and find Arpaio guilty of the racial profiling charges.

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However, the 82 year old ‘Best Sheriff in America’ refused to stand down. He swore an oath to uphold the laws, constitution and protect the nearly 4 million citizens of Maricopa County and he wasn’t about to let Obama stop him from carrying out those duties. Arpaio and his deputies continue to arrest illegal aliens, many of which were arrested for committing other crimes and now his jails are full of illegals that Obama refuses to deport.

Consequently, Arpaio has filed a federal lawsuit against the Obama administration, challenging the deferred deportation actions. Arguing on behalf of Arpaio is attorney Larry Klayman, before the three judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Part of argument presented by Klayman had to do with the millions of dollars it is costing the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department for housing so many illegals that Obama refuses to deport.

The reaction of the judges is shocking and appalling and another example of how so many judges are making decisions on agenda and personal preferences rather than on the law. In response to Klayman’s argument on behalf of Sheriff Joe, Judge Sri Srinivasan said:

“I thought your argument was: They don’t enforce the law anyway.”

Judge Nina Pillard added:

“There’s just a mismatch between that contention and the scope of the policy.”

Klayman responded to Pillard saying:

“Only the most severe criminals are deported.”

Pillard was referring to the fact that Obama’s immigration policies state that illegals convicted of felonies are supposed to be deported. However, Pillard and her colleagues must be ignorant of the fact that the Obama administration has released tens of thousands of illegals with felony convictions, allowing them to walk freely among us.

The judges have yet to rule, but from what they said in court, they give the impression that the problems of thousands of illegals flooding into Maricopa County and the rest of the nation would not be affected regardless of how they rule in this case. Klayman responded to the judges, saying:

“That’s heads I win, tails you lose — or the reverse.”

“Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, presidents are not emperors.,”

“We have to preserve … our system of government. You’re our last line of defense.”

Justice Department attorneys argued that the number of deportations have been ‘numerically high.’ What they didn’t mention in court is how Obama has been preventing the deportation of nearly 20 million illegals who under federal immigration laws should be deported. They didn’t mention that millions of Americans are having problems finding jobs because employers hire illegals for lower than normal pay. They didn’t mention the fact that illegals are draining local and state coffers of millions of dollars in benefits that they are not entitled to receive. They didn’t mention that Americans are being robbed, beaten, raped and murdered by illegals who should have been deported but weren’t thanks to Obama. They didn’t mention that illegals have destroyed entire neighborhoods and driving property values down. They didn’t mention the growing number of incidents where illegals are being allowed to deprive Americans the right to fly and display the American flag.

If the Obama administration actually enforced federal immigration laws, it would dramatically improve the overall economy of the nation and in many areas the crime rates would drop precipitously. However, Obama has set the foundation to allow millions of illegals to illegally cast votes in future elections and that is more important to him that the safety and welfare of the American people.

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