Justice Department Illegally Restricts Investigations by Inspector Generals

After the corruption of the Nixon administration in the early 1970s and the subsequent problems with an investigation of that corruption, Congress passed the Inspector General Act of 1978. This act gives inspector generals the authority to fully investigate any charges of corruption or other constitutional violations.

Congress carefully spelled out the authority of inspector generals in Section 6 of the act. Basically, they have been given full authority to take any legal action necessary to conduct their investigation.

The reason Congress passed the Inspector General Act was to allow inspector generals to operate as independent and supposedly impartial investigators. However, with several inspector general investigations looming against various Obama administration agencies and possibly Hillary Clinton for using her private email account to send classified information, the Justice Department has just taken steps to limit the powers of inspector generals.

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The new regulations now require all inspector generals to obtain permission from their head of their agencies in order to access grand juries, wiretaps and fair credit information. A DOJ statement explained the reason for the new regulation:

“In reaching these conclusions, our Office’s role has not been to decide what access [inspectors general] should receive as a matter of policy. Rather, we have endeavored to determine as a matter of law, using established tools of statutory construction, how best to reconcile the strong privacy protections … with the interest in access reflected in … the IG Act.”

The DOJ’s own inspector general, Michael Horowitz reacted to his department’s statement, saying:

“I strongly disagree with the OLC opinion. Congress meant what it said when it authorized Inspectors General to independently access ‘all’ documents necessary to conduct effective oversight. Without such access, our Office’s ability to conduct its work will be significantly impaired, and it will be more difficult for us to detect and deter waste, fraud, and abuse, and to protect taxpayer dollars.”

Some members of Congress see the DOJ ruling as a conflict of interest. For example, Horowitz had to seek permission from the Attorney General Eric Holder to obtain necessary documents and information concerning Operation Fast and Furious which many believe Holder knew and lied about. Horowitz also had to ask permission from Loretta Lynch to obtain investigative information concerning her involvement in the IRS targeting scandal.

There is no indication that Horowitz was ever denied permission to conduct his investigation but the process of obtaining the necessary permission usually took a long time, delaying the ability to properly conduct his investigation and giving guilty parties time to destroy documents.

The Justice Department’s ruling change is not only questionable, but it’s also illegal. Any law or act passed by Congress can only be changed or modified by Congress. Barack Obama continually violates the US Constitution when he bypasses Congress to make changes to a congressional act such as Obamacare and immigration laws. But when the top dog acts illegally and gets away with it, the rest of his administration believes that they can also violate the Constitution and bypass Congress.

Our Founding Father’s purposely put that provision in the Constitution to avoid the type of political corruption we are seeing in the Obama administration. They all have the opinion that they are above the law and act accordingly. Now the DOJ is limiting the authority of the very people Congress gave the power to to investigated the corruption of those that just limited their powers.

This is typical for a corrupt and tyrannical political regime the likes America has never seen before.

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