Kamala Harris Says Trump’s A ‘Drug Pusher’

Sen. Kamala Harris on President Donald Trump promoting hydroxychloroquine: He’s got to stop, he’s not, we don’t want a drug-pusher for president.

Sen. Kamala Harris: Sunny, your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea, but what I do know is this. It is a drug that has been proven to give relief from pain and almost disability to people with rheumatoid arthritis, people with lupus, and right now I’m hearing all over the place that people are hoarding this drug in a way that those who need it to relieve their pain and extend the quality of their life may not be able to get it all because the president keeps taking the stage and, as opposed to what Dr. Fauci and medical health professionals are telling us, pushing this drug. He’s got to stop — he’s not — we don’t want a drug-pusher for president. We want somebody who takes that stage and speaks to the crisis in a way that is about bringing relief.

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Sen. Kamala Harris: I mean, one of the things that I have been focused on, you know, from my years of being attorney general is consumer protection. 10 million people as of last week, and just over the course of the last few weeks lost their jobs. 10 million people. One of the things I’m focused on, and I’m proud to announce it on your show, is I’m calling for a suspension of credit card interest fees and penalties because right now there are people who are out of a job who did not plan for this moment and are going to be buying groceries with their credit cards, and those exorbitant fees that people are charged anyway, they should be suspended during this course of this pandemic. So I’m calling on the suspension of credit card fees and penalties and interest rates for the next 120 days because people are not going to pay their bills on time. A lot of folks just are not, and at the end of this pandemic, it’s going to be awful for them to be trying to get back on their feet, find a job, get back to that small business they were working for and deal with these exorbitant fees. The other thing I’m calling on is to say that we should suspend negative reporting to credit scores because the other thing that’s going to happen — again, people are not going to pay their bills on time, and then it’s going to go on their credit score. It takes a lifetime for people to clean up their credit scores, and folks should be able to have as much as possible to get back on their feet after this pandemic. So that’s the kind of leadership we need. Speak to the issues that are affecting people right now and try and find relief for folks based on the authority of your office, but I don’t know what this guy is doing.

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