Kansas Agriculture Secretary Seeking Approval for Farmers to Hire Illegals

Millions of Americans are out of work.  Many of them would take virtually any job they could get their hands on while others refuse to lower themselves to take certain menial and low paying jobs.

However in Kansas, the unemployment (as of Nov. 2011) was only 6.5%, among the lowest is the nation.  Kansas farmers say they are hurting for workers to help work and harvest their crops.

So the state Agriculture Secretary, Dale Rodman says that he has a solution, but it needs federal approval.  He is asking the federal immigration officials to give Kansas a waiver from the immigration laws to allow them to set up a network.

He wants to create a state run network of employers and illegal immigrants to supply their needs for field workers.  His proposal would allow those illegals that have lived in the state for at least 5 years would be allowed to legally work, providing they do not have a criminal record.

Advocates of the proposal claim that to enforce immigration laws and deport all illegals would be financially devastating to Kansas farmers.

Opponents to the measure include Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.  Kobach was instrumental in the group that drafted the immigration laws for Arizona and Alabama which are considered to be among the strictest in the nation and which have spawned a number of legal challenges.  He tried to get a similar immigration law passed in Kansas last year, but the Chamber of Commerce, farmers and ranchers successfully fought the measure.

Kobach argues against the measure stating, “If there were fewer jobs illegal aliens could obtain unlawfully and get away with it, fewer illegal aliens would come to Kansas.”

Once one state gets a waiver, others will follow suit and there will be no way to stop the influx of illegals wanting to take jobs that could and should go to American citizens.  I for one agree with Kobach and believe Rodman’s plan to be wrong and harmful.

So what do you do to help fix Kansas’s problem with a shortage of field workers?

Do you favor letting them hiring illegals?

Should those unemployed Kansans that make up the 6.5% unemployed be forced to take field jobs rather than draw unemployment money?

What about three of the states that border Kansas that have unemployment rates at least 1.5% higher than Kansas?

Would it be better to bring in legal US citizens willing to work rather than hire illegals?

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