Kansas Citizens Replace GOP Moderates With Conservatives. Will America Follow Suit?

There is no doubt that liberalism is on the rise in America.  As liberalism has increased, America’s morals and Christian values have decreased.  It appears that liberalism has one goal and that is to destroy all that is good and wholesome about America.

However, the people of Kansas have just spoken loudly against liberalism and even moderatism.  In last week’s Kansas primary, seventeen of twenty-two incumbent Republicans were voted out of office because they were too moderate.  In their stead, Kansans elected seventeen conservatives.

One of the GOP incumbents that expected to win his primary was President of the State Senate Steve Morris who had twenty years in the state senate.  State Representative Larry Powell, a conservative, upset Morris by attacking his moderate to liberal views. Morris and the other moderates were targeted by conservative campaign ads that linked them to President Barack Obama and supporting Obamacare.

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The conservative Republican candidates received the backing and endorsements of various conservative groups including the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Prosperity.  They won their primaries because they openly oppose Obamacare and all of the hidden tax increases it contains.  They won because they promised not to compromise with liberal Democratic views as some GOP moderates have done.

Donna Lippoldt, founder of the pro-family prayer support organization, Culture Shield Network commented on the Kansas primary to OneNewsNow, saying:

“These moderate senators, who say that they’re Republicans, [said] that they just knew that they could not win in this state as Democrats.  So they were extremely liberal and they would block the agendas of pro-family legislation.”

“I think the Chick-fil-A [Appreciation] Day really helped us a lot.  I think that people got kind of empowered by going to Chick-fil-A and seeing that they could really make a difference. And I think that could have affected the turnout [at Tuesday’s primaries].”

Lebanon, Kansas is the geographical center of the continental U.S.  Perhaps they may also be considered to be the political center of the U.S. and that their conservatism will spread out 360 degrees to every corner of the country.

Now I pray that conservative Americans across the nation repeat what happened in Kansas and show every moderate and liberal the exit door to their political careers and replace every one of them with strong conservatives who will work hard to save our nation.

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