Keeping it Classy? Fallon Won’t Roast Trump: ‘Just Not What I Do’

While late night comedy show hosts like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel have turned their shows into “Bash Trump” sessions, Jimmy Fallon has kept it a little classier…..a little.

The “Tonight” show host says that going after the president and boasting him on a regular is not his cup of tea. Which is probably extremely smart on his part because many people are sick of watching everyone bash Trump. Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with politics. We can’t watch football on Sunday without being slapped in the face, and now we can’t even watch comedy shows without having it shoved down our throats there too.

The Hill reports:

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When asked on NBC’s “Sunday Today” why he hasn’t taken on Trump in the same way other late-night hosts such as Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel have, Fallon responded: “It’s just not what I do.”

Fallon said, “I think it would be weird for me to start doing it now. I don’t really even care that much about politics. I’ve got to be honest. I love pop culture more than I love politics. I’m just not that brain.”

He continued, “No, I mean, I think the other guys are doing it very well. Colbert’s doing great, I mean that’s what he’s good at. He’s always into like a political comedy. I think when it’s organic, I’ll dip into it as well.”

This is where I say that he is keeping it “a little classier.” Colbert and Kimmel are trashy at this point. They are no longer funny. It gives me a headache to even hear them speak. So while Fallon is not falling into line with his fellow late night comedians, he is still praising them.

Fallon added, “But I’ve always made jokes about the president — we’ve only had Obama but I made thousands of jokes — I remember having him on the show and saying, ‘Sorry, that’s my job. I have to do what I have to do.’ ”

He concluded, “But with Trump, it’s just like, everyday is a new thing. He gives a lot of material — a lot of stuff is hard to even make a joke about, because it’s just too serious.”


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