Kentucky Dems Send Uneasy Message to President Obama

Yesterday I told you that no dead people voted at my precinct.  As I watched the election results here in Kentucky, I saw a very interesting thing take place.

On the Republican ballot there were four names to choose from for president: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum.  Voters also had a fifth option which was to vote ‘uncommitted.’  Mitt Romney won the commonwealth vote with 67%.  The other three candidates garnered anywhere from 6% to 12.5%.  Uncommitted votes accounted for fewer than 6% of the GOP vote.

When I looked at a voting results map of Kentucky, it showed that Romney won all 120 counties.  Although Ron Paul’s son Rand Paul is the US Senator from Kentucky, Ron did not win a single county.

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On the Democratic ballot there were only two choices: Barack Obama and uncommitted.  Obama did win Kentucky’s Democratic primary but with only 58% of the vote.  Surprisingly, 42% of the Democrats voted uncommitted.

When I looked at a voting results map of Kentucky, it showed that Obama only won 52 of 120 counties.  In one county the vote was dead even tie between Obama and uncommitted, leaving 67 of the 120 counties voting uncommitted.  In the map shown with this blog, Obama is green, uncommitted blue and tie is beige.

In a commonwealth (Kentucky is not a state, it’s a commonwealth) that has a Democratic governor and democratic controlled legislature, over half the counties voted uncommitted rather than give their vote to Obama.  Forty-two percent of the Democrats opted not to vote for their party’s only candidate while only 6% of Republican voters were uncommitted.

Mitt Romney had a greater margin of victory over the three other names on the ballot than Obama did against no one.

From what I saw in Arkansas, pretty much the same thing happened.  Obama did have a single opponent, but he won by a much narrower margin than Romney did against 3 opponents.  Romney actually garnered more total votes than Obama did.

This can only be read as a very uneasy message to the president that if he can’t carry 60% of the Democratic vote against no opponent, then how does he expect to win against a real opponent in November?

On the flip side, Romney needs to use this information in his campaign ads to show that he can garner a larger percentage of the vote against three real opponents than Obama can against no opponents.

It should also be encouraging to those of us who want to see Obama removed from the White House.  These last 2 primaries are a clear indication that Obama’s support within his own party is crumbling and that there is a real chance that he will not win in November.

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