Kentucky Governor Keeping Promise to Dismantle State’s Obamacare Exchange

When businessman Matt Bevin ran for Governor of Kentucky, he promised voters in the Bluegrass State that one of the first things he would do if elected was to eliminate the state’s Obamacare exchange program known as Kynect. Kynect was the product of former Gov. Steve Beshear who literally worshipped Barack Obama and would do anything and everything that Obama asked him to do, including setting up a state healthcare exchange.

After only a month in office, Bevin announced this week that he has put a plan in motion to transition from a state healthcare exchange program to using the federal exchange. In his statement, he stated that it makes no sense to pay twice for the same thing, meaning that those of us in Kentucky are paying taxes to support the federal exchange program and we pay state taxes to support the state exchange program.

Below is a video of Bevin at a press conference made not long after winning the election last November, where he outlined his plans on how he expects to transition from the state program to the federal program.

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Lexington and Louisville, the two largest cities in the state are the homes of the state’s liberal Democrats and fellow disciples of Obama, so it should be no surprise to hear the outcry against Bevin’s plans to actually keep a campaign promise. Bill Wagner, Executive Director of the Family Health Centers in Louisville, commented:

“It’s a great disappointment. It’s an unwelcome setback in our efforts to reach the number of uninsured people and improve access to health care in Kentucky.”

I live in Kentucky and I’ve got news for Wagner – healthcare here is definitely not affordable and more people like my wife and me are uninsured for that very reason. My wife has a mild heart condition that is regulated with medication. I am overweight and type 2 diabetic. When we checked with Kynect, the cheapest bronze plan we could find had a $4,000 deductible and only paid out 60% of covered medical expenses after meeting the deductible. That wonderful plan would cost us $816 per month, nearly as much as our monthly mortgage payment which is why we are among the growing number of uninsured Kentucky residents.

From everything I’ve been reporting over the past year, I don’t see the federal exchange being any cheaper but at least I won’t be paying my hard earned tax dollars to support both a state and national socialist healthcare system.

I also want to point out that not only is Gov. Bevin keeping his campaign promise to dismantle the state’s costly healthcare exchange, but he also kept another campaign promise and ordered that all marriage licenses issued by county clerks’ offices no longer contain the name of the county clerk. He took this action because of what happened with Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.


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