Kerry: ‘Life Will End’ If Temperature Rises

The Chicken Little brain trust at the Obama Administration was working overtime last week as Secretary of State John Kerry promised an audience that “life as you know it” on planet Earth will come to an end if the people of the world don’t accept government’s plans for fighting nature.

Kerry’s speech clearly had nothing to do with science, because there has been no warming for 18 years now and humans have been adapting to changing climates for millennia without the Obama Administration’s help.

But he obviously meant it as intimidation. Here’s what he said about “climate skeptics”:

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“What happens if they’re wrong? If they’re wrong – catastrophe. Life as you know it on Earth ends. Seven degrees increase Fahrenheit, and we can’t sustain crops, water, life under those circumstances.”

First, most of the climate change predictions I’ve heard of put temperature increase on the outside at two or three degrees. The numbers tend to stretch depending on the amount of fear the speaker wants to instill, but seven sounds more like desperation than anything else. On the EPA website, there is an article claiming up to 11 degree Fahrenheit increase by 2100, but the accompanying graphic lists 8 degrees as being an extreme estimate. See? Flexible numbers.

Second, there have been times in Earth’s past when the average temperature was more than seven degrees higher, and those times were marked by an explosion of plant and animal life. One thing liberals can’t erase with their doom-and-gloom snake oil sales pitch is the water cycle and the simple fact that the more water is not locked in ice, the more water is available to sustain life on land. There’s a reason the tropics is home to the most verdant rain forests on the planet.

Seven degrees? People have adapted to far worse. Worst case scenario: We all dress like they do in Hawaii.

But for every stick, there must be a carrot, and Kerry was ready — or at least he thought he was.

“If we’re wrong about this future, what’s the worst that could happen to us for making these choices? The worst that could happen to us is we create a whole lot of new jobs, we kick our economies into gear, we have healthier people, healthier children because we have cleaner air, we live up to our environmental responsibility, we become truly energy independent, and our security is stronger and greater and sustainable as a result. That’s the worst that happens to us.”

Sen. Jim Inhofe hit the nail on the head when he replied, “What Secretary Kerry didn’t tell his audience at the wind technology center yesterday, is that we are already on the path to being forced to suffer the consequences of the Obama Administration’s man-made climate agenda. The Obama Administration’s environmental policies will completely stall our economy, reduce electricity reliability while increasing costs, and eliminate millions of American jobs.”

I would add that the Left’s global warming agenda would also reduce Americans to virtual slaves of their own government by sapping their incomes, barring development, stunting innovation and regulating daily life in ways that George Orwell never even dreamed of in his worst nightmares.

In the global warming myth, the liberal compulsion to have other people run their lives and their poor understanding of science are combined in an effort to establish a labyrinth of pointless bureaucracy and wishful thinking.

The “clean energy” fantasy is rooted in the misconception that you can derive energy from the Earth and not produce any sort of drawback. All energy schemes produce consequences in terms of waste, pollution and excess heat.

One solar energy plan in Southern California was recently scrapped because a nearly identical design on the California-Nevada border was literally causing birds to burst into flames.

Inhofe suggested that Kerry should turn his attention to real world problems, such as the situation with ISIS, the turmoil in Syria and the growing intransigence of Vladimir Putin.

Considering his performance thus far as secretary of state, Kerry instead should really think about taking up golf like his boss.

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