What Would You Do If they Kidnapped Your Child?

What would you do to get a loved one back? What would you do if a family member was abducted – kidnapped – snatched by a well-known gang of thugs? Worse yet, you were witness to the event.

You, like me, would move heaven and earth to cut off the perpetrators’ escape, to retrieve your loved ones and pity any fool that stood in your way.

In the military, one may pledge allegiance to God and country – but will fight not for them, but for your foxhole family – the brothers next to you. Ask anyone who has experienced combat and he will tell you this.

And such it is for the IDF, the Israeli Defense Force, whose soldiers have been fighting and dying for their brothers almost continually since Israel was declared a state in 1948.

It has long been a practice by the enemies of Israel to attempt to abduct IDF soldiers and exchange them for terrorists captured by Israeli forces.

I guess they got tired of this practice, when in 1986, the Israeli military developed what has come to be known as the “Hannibal Protocol” or “Hannibal Procedure.”

The protocol was adopted out of a 1986 abduction of two IDF soldiers by the terrorist gang Hezbollah. Now it’s just a different terrorist gang – Hamas – but their motives are the same.

Anyway, in essence, Hannibal gives the IDF permission to do whatever it takes to thwart and cut off the escape route of the abductors and retrieve the captured soldier(s). And whatever it takes means anything up actually killing the captured soldier.

Naturally, the left thinks this is over-the-top ridiculous. Most of them hate Israel to begin with and believe all Palestinians to be innocent. So they didn’t take too kindly to the latest “Hannibal Protocol” incident – when weeks ago, it was thought that an IDF Lieutenant, Hadar Goldin, had been abducted in Gaza during one of the short-lived bogus cease-fires.

IDF thought they knew where Hamas was taking Goldin and consequently shelled the crap out of the area, to deny the terrorists any escape route.

The AP dutifully reported that the shelling killed as many as 100 Palestinians – no doubt, all innocents.

The AP then wrote that the deaths were reported by “Palestinian Health Officials.” Interestingly, the “Officials” offered no breakdown of the number of civilians and terrorists killed and the AP appears wholly uninterested in finding out. They sure wouldn’t want to have to report that 100 terrorists were killed by the evil Jews, would they? By simply reporting 100 Palestinians, the reader is naturally left thinking 100 innocent civilians.

Naturally a lefty group, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, ACRI, came out immediately and condemned the “Hannibal Procedure” – calling for its immediate ending and an investigation into the practice.

An aside: I didn’t even bother to research the ACRI. Just its name gives it away as a leftist organization. That and it’s knee-jerk condemnation of the IDF.

AP wrote that an ACRI lawyer, Tamar Feldman said, “Activating this protocol in the heart of an urban and civilian environment is particularly grave; it shakes the foundations of law and morality and must be absolutely condemned.”

Yes Ms. Feldman – I’m sure you feel the “Protocol” to be barbaric and should be forever banned – right up to the time one of your loved ones get snatched by the savages. Then you’d be the first one to complain that not enough is being done to retrieve your loved one.

I personally applaud the IDF for expending that amount of effort to retrieve a single soldier. It’s what any military man or woman would do, if given the opportunity.

We must remember that Israel is not fighting against an organized military force. There is no Geneva Convention adherence – no visits from the Red Cross to ensure the humane treatment of the captured.

We’ve all seen what these animals due to their captives. Whether it’s Hamas, Al Qaeda, the Taliban or “The Islamic State” – they’re all cut from the same cloth.

If they or we have any shot of retrieving a single soldier from these barbarians, I say, do whatever is necessary, and good on the Israelis for doing just that.

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