Kids React to Redistribution of Wealth

One of Barack Obama’s mantras that he has been repeating ever since he first got into politics is the redistribution of wealth.  In its truest form, wealth in whatever form is taken from those who have it and given to those who don’t have.  But it rarely if ever works that way.

Those who push for it, like Obama, use the concept as a propaganda tool to win over the larger poor community with the promise of sharing the wealth of the rich with them.  They make the poor believe that they are entitled to part of the wealth earned by others and that the only qualification is that they are poor and remain poor.

If this sounds familiar, it is.  It’s America today.  And if you trace back through history, you will find that most, if not all of the social entitlement programs that exist today were instituted by progressive Democrats.  Welfare was first enacted by Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt and was expanded in the 1960s by Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson.  Social Security was enacted in 1935 by Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Medicaid and Medicare were enacted in 1965 by Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson.

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Both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B Johnson were well known for their progressive socialistic political views.  Roosevelt’s socialistic program of redistributing the wealth was known as the New Deal.  Johnson’s socialistic program of redistributing the wealth was known as the Great Society.

Obama’s socialistic program is known as Obamacare and Stimulus 1,2 and 3.  Don’t forget that under Obama, Medicaid coverage has been expanded to include more people.  Welfare has been expanded to include more people.

Sometimes it is difficult for adults to readily recognize the various forms of wealth redistribution, but kids grasp the concept almost immediately and they don’t like what they see.   Steven Crowder of Fox News set out to find out how kids react to redistribution of wealth in its purest form.  See the results for yourself.

Notice that it didn’t take kids long to see how unfair redistribution was.  Not only were the kids who earned their candy upset but so were some of the ones that had less and received more.  They weren’t fooled by the socialistic concept of redistribution of wealth and neither should we be fooled. We have a chance to prevent more of it from happening next Tuesday – so please vote!

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