KKK’s Duke Threatens to Name Names — So Let’s Hear Them

Ever have one of those Scooby-Doo moments where you hear something that just makes you go “Ruh?”

That was me, ears all a-perked, when I heard that David Duke, the Klansman Supreme, had threatened the GOP leadership to stand behind Majority Whip Steve Scalise or else he would start “naming names.”

I’m not so naive as to think there are no racists in the GOP, but I’ve spent enough time among the rank and file of the GOP, Libertarians and Democrats to say with certainty that the race nuts far and away tend to gather on the Left, Democratic pretenses to the contrary notwithstanding.

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It makes perfect sense in light of historical facts. It was Democrats who founded the KKK. It was mostly Democrats who fought desegregation. It was Democrats who battled tooth-and-nail for decades to block voting rights for women.

And it’s Democrats who today have perverted many of our institutions to eliminate the mainstream Christianity that has done more than any other historical influence to bring about true equality in this country. By twisting a moral imperative (for biblical Christians) into a constant whine for more government dependence and self-indulgence, Democrats have done more to drag this country backwards than they ever accomplished by outright opposition.

The racist influence in the Democratic Party today is nearly total, even or especially among those who proclaim themselves to be the most open-minded. It seems there’s hardly a conversation to be had with liberals that doesn’t in some way involve a claim that one group is persecuting another. The entire party is race-obsessed and judges people by the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character.

However, it’s also plain that the Republican leadership has been anything but conservative for a long time. Even on a local level, there is often a clear schism between the broad membership and the cliques whose members rise to positions of authority. The party of Lincoln is alive in the masses, but it’s being led by jackasses. And everyone knows the jackass is the symbol of the Democrats.

The so-called leadership in Washington has been playing footsies with the White House and the Democratic leadership for years, leading up to November’s betrayal by House Speaker John Boehner, in which he has forged an alliance with President Obama and Rep. Nancy Pelosi to cut conservatives out of the Washington process.

When it was revealed that Scalise, a Boehner pick, had spoken to a white supremacist conference, the Left jumped on the report, forcing Boehner and other Republicans to circle the wagons, as Boehner’s position comes up for a vote soon. This may actually be a good thing for conservatives.

The mere fact that Duke believes he can threaten the GOP leadership by naming people with whom he has worked and maintained contact says something about Boehner and the rest that I think most conservatives would like to know.

The Left always cries “racistbigothomophobe” when it comes to the GOP. That’s because they are using the Saul Alinsky handbook, which advises them to mischaracterize opponents at every turn regardless of the truth. It’s also because many of those on the Left who believe such things are simpletons who don’t function according to any rules of logic or reality.

Duke’s appearance in the midst of this current muddle only shores up those stereotypes.

However — and this is important — if Duke has names of those dallying with the KKK, conservatives need to hear them. That we’ve been abused by liberal RINOs through the years is undeniable. If (and this seems likely) the GOP leadership has been infiltrated by organized racists of any type, we groundlings need to know, and we need to drive them out of their seats of power, preferably tarred, feathered and tied to a rail.

I’m less concerned about the KKK’s influence in the Democratic Party, which is chock full of racists of many different ethnicities. And who knows? Maybe the KKK can serve as foil to CAIR. But anyone who thinks he can truly establish racism as a tent pole of the Republican Party needs to be sent running back to the Democrats where he belongs.

The Democrats have their black caucuses, Asian caucuses and Latino caucuses. It’s time for them to welcome home their own, the original white caucus that Democrats founded, the KKK and their supporters.

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