Kool-Aid Drinkers Want Californians to Drink Sewage

It took a while, but justice may finally come to all the Californians who have helped turn the Golden State into a dust bowl by voting Democratic.

Once upon a time, California was a very conservative state where Ronald Reagan was able to be governor.

But time, the influx of young computer nerds and illegal aliens, gerrymandering, the influence of Hollywood, and teachers’ unions have turned the once-proud state into a wasteland of failed public policies and crumbling infrastructure, rapidly closing in on Third World status.

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One of the greatest examples of liberal failures in California is the current drought. For decades, rather than build dams, water storage and other key infrastructure, California leaders, urged on by radical environmentalists, have dismantled the state’s water system.

Now the liberal piper must be paid. The current drought has gotten so desperate, and the state’s leadership so averse to anything sensible like building desalination plants that make ocean water drinkable, that California brain trust is dusting off an old plan to make residents drink treated sewer water.

The “toilet-to-tap” concept has been tried before.

Liberals seem to have a neurotic compulsion to force other people to swallow their … you get the idea.

Until now, the idea has always been laughed out of the public spotlight, and wastewater recycling has been confined to things like watering golf courses and public parks.

Now, however, liberals who want to ban kids from drinking sodas seem to think there’s a real chance that they can make people drink from the toilet.

After all, the Los Angeles Times crowed in a story yesterday, “direct potable reuse” has been the standard in Windhoek, Namibia.

Well, if technology leader Windhoek, Namibia, recommends it, what could go wrong?

See above comment re Third World status.

This is what you get when you vote Democrat, people.

Detroit, once the shining jewel of American cities, now a crumbling hell hole.

California, once a leader in education, arts, agriculture and economy, now drinking out of its own toilet.

United States … you see where this is going.

In all fairness, the current GOP leadership isn’t any better, but that’s the current leadership, whose members are more concerned with their social lives, bankrolls and influence than the good of the country. We have a bad crop in charge right now, but the heart of the Republican Party membership is solid.

A sadly large portion of the American population has been drinking the Kool-Aid for the past six years. California liberals are ready to “graduate” to drinking sewage.

The question is, will the average Californian continue to swallow government’s crap, or will he finally remember how to stand up on his own feet and say, “Enough is enough”?

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