L.A. Riots 20 Years Later: Still Playing the Racism Card

Twenty years ago, Los Angeles caught fire as a Simi Valley jury found four white Los Angeles police officers not guilty in the videotaped beating of Rodney King, a black motorist.

And 20 years later, black leaders are still using racism as an excuse for the problems plaguing black communities. As Al Sharpton told a First AME Church of Los Angeles audience on Sunday, there is “progress,” but there remains much to be done.

The racism game played by Sharpton and other Lefties is one in which there has been, is and will always be much remaining to be done. If they ever actually acknowledged the obliteration of racism, they would be out of work.

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In fact, all the areas of Los Angeles affected by the rioting 20 years ago are perfect examples of liberal policies in control of communities.

At the intersection of Florence and Normandie, the rioting began with an explosion of looting, violence and arson that quickly spread throughout large swaths of Los Angeles. The riots lasted for five days, with the National Guard being called in to back up an overwhelmed police force.

The images from that time are unforgettable for those who lived through it: people dragged from their cars and beaten in the streets; looters running into smashed storefronts and running out with armloads of TVs, electronics, clothing, even furniture; stores burning; Korean shopkeepers (who were especial targets of mostly black rioters) patrolling the rooftops of their establishments armed with shotguns and other artillery.

It’s been the common understanding that the riots erupted due to blacks’ anger over the verdict in the King beating trial. It would be more accurate to say that a large segment of the Los Angeles population lived in a state of perpetual anger — thanks in part to liberal government policies that kept them down — and was just looking for an excuse to light a match to a black community that was a veritable powder keg.

The final toll of the riots was $735 million in property damage; 1,600 buildings damaged or destroyed; 2,300 people injured; 53 people killed, 22 of which cases remain unsolved.

Twenty long years later, the media theme is that there is “healing” and “hope,” but the truth is, nothing has changed.

Stores have been rebuilt and replaced. Some groups make an organized effort to bring positive change to the community, but Los Angeles is just as on edge as it was then.

Twenty years of government assistance and promises have had no positive effect, but another entire generation has been brought up in failure through the public school system. Not only do the schools not prepare young black people to succeed in the adult world, but they spend an inordinate amount of time teaching them that there is something wrong with being black.

That’s never the stated intent, to be sure. But hiding behind talk about “diversity” and “black history” and such is an unmistakable message that black is “different” because it’s not white. And when young  black people fail, probably because of the schools’ failure to teach them what they need to know, then there’s a built-in defense mechanism: It’s because of white people.

And if those mistakes land a black person in jail, then there’s a double excuse: It’s the fault of the white police.

As a young Barack Obama, then with Project Vote, said in a press release at the time, “The Los Angeles riots reflect a deep distrust and disaffection with the existing power pattern in our society.”

In fact, after the riots, there was a program co-sponsored by Toyota that created job training in auto repair. All a person needed to do to qualify was to read at an eighth-grade level.

The program failed because there were so few candidates who met the requirement.

Both liberal and conservative politicians are to blame for the ongoing situation among blacks, but the policies that are most destructive are firmly entrenched in leftist ideology.

The irony is that most of the areas affected by the policies will vote for Obama.

If you want to see the end result of liberal plans for our cities, come see Los Angeles.


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